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  • 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Work Experience Doozo Eat&Greet 2010.10. 2013.05 Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Sushi chef n Japanese fusion restaurant, based on sushi, noodles and grill n In charge of running the sushi bar, ordering and menu creating n Sushi workshop and caterings Hotel Ayii Anargyri 2010.04.- 2010.09. Miliu, Cyprus Sushi chef n Natural healing spa resort with sushi a la carte, sushi bar opening n Creating sushi menu, responsibility for ordering and running the sushi bar n Hot kitchen la carte experience in fine dining restaurant (French Cypriot fusion) Hotel Anassa 5*+ 2007.05.-2010 .03. Polis, Cyprus Sushi chef n Sushi a la minut with a live station for asian and seafood buffets n Experience in different style buffets i.e. Cypriot, French, Italian and Latino; hot and cold section n A la carte experience in cold and hot kitchen in restaurant Amfora n A la carte experience in Asian fusion fine dining restaurant n Buffet and la carte experience in breakfast shift n Private chef on beach and pool barbeques, mis en place, prepare cold dishes, with hot kitchen live station n Responsibility and free hand for creating sushi menu, plates, and daily canapes for Amarosa bar.

2. Fresco Cafe 2005.04.-2007.05. Budapest, Hungary Sushi chef n Sushi a la carte n Fine dining restaurant with international kitchen n Preparing hot and meat station and plating dishes Takebayashi Restaurant 2004.04.-2005.04. Budapest, Hungary Sushi chef n Small, family japanese restaurant with a la carte kitchen and delivery service n Catering of parties, including sushi plates and sushi a la minute Japan Coop 2002.10.-2004.04. Budapest, Hungary Grand Hotel Royal/Rickshaw Sushi chef Making special sushi plates for sunday brunches. Sushi a la carte Budapest Hilton / Sushi an Hilton Sushi chef Sushi a la carte Sushi An Sushi trainee A small, busy sushi bar in the heart of Budapest Fuji restaurant Sushi trainee Traditional Japanese restaurant; won the Best of Budapest award several times Graduates n School of Trade and Tourism Cook 2003 n Pollack Mihly Technical Academy civil engineer 2002