the appendicular skeleton allows us to move and manipulate objects includes all bones besides axial...

Download The Appendicular Skeleton Allows us to move and manipulate objects Includes all bones besides axial skeleton: –the limbs –the supportive girdles

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  • The Appendicular Skeleton Allows us to move and manipulate objectsIncludes all bones besides axial skeleton:the limbs the supportive girdles

  • Humerus: AnteriorHumerusScapulaClavicleRadiusUlnaClick R Button for SlideshowGreater tubercleCoracoid processLesser tubercleAcromion processGlenoid fossaDeltoid tuberosityMedial epicondyleTrochleaLateral epicondyleCoronoid fossaCapitulum

  • Scapula

  • Shoulder Girdle (IR)

  • Humerus: PosteriorFor Slideshow Click R ButtonRight Arm, PosteriorScapulaSpine of scapulaGlenoid fossa of scapulaHead of humerusDeltoid tuberosityof humerusHumerusUlnaOlecranon process of ulnaRadiusGreater tubercle of humerusMedial epicondyleof humerusAcromion of scapulaLateral epicondyle of humerus

  • Elbow (posterior view)

  • Which arm? What Position? View?RadiusUlnaHumerusLateral epicondyleof humerusMedial epicondyleof humerusCoronoid processof ulnaHead of radiusCoronoid fossaof humerusCapitulum ofhumerusTrochlea ofhumerusRadial tuberosityStyloid processof ulnaStyloid process of radiusClick R Button for Slideshow

  • MnemonicforLearningCarpalsShe Likes To PlayLunateIn the moonlightTriquetrumThe third T BonePisiformPea-shapedTry To Catch HerTrapezium:Its by the thumbTrapezoidIs by its sideCapitateHamateA hamboneWith a hookScaphoidA boatClick R Button for SlideshowHand? View?

  • Bones of the Wrist (Which hand? what view?)

  • Bones of Wrist (which hand?)

  • Hand QuizCDEFGHJKABAnswers: Next Slide; for Drill Click Back & ForthRight Palm

  • Hand Quiz AnswersC. TrapeziumD. ScaphoidE. LunateF. TriquetrumG. PisiformH. HamateJ. CapitateK. TrapezoidB. MetacarpalsA. PhalangesRight Palm

  • Lower Limb

  • The Pelvic GirdleHipbones Innominate BoneMade up of 3 fused bones:ilium ischiumpubisAcetabulum - hip socketmeeting point of ilium, ischium, & pubis on the lateral surface of the Innominate articulates with head of femur

  • The PelvisConsists of 2 innominate bones, sacrum, & coccyx

  • Childbearing ModificationsEnlarged pelvic outletBroad pubic angle (> 100)Less curvature of sacrum and coccyxWide, circular pelvic inlet

  • Femur: What ViewTibiaFibulaFemurWhich Leg?Lateral condyleMedial condyleLinea asperaGreater trochanterLesser trochanterPelvisFor Slideshow Click R ButtonHead of femur

  • Lower LegFemurTibiaFibulaTibial tuberosityTalus (tarsal bone)Medial malleolusLateral malleolusMedial condyle of tibiaLateral condyle of tibiaLeg? View?Click R Button for SlideshowLateral condyle of femurMedial condyle of femurPatella

  • Lower Leg2FemurTibiaFibulaTibial tuberosityTalus (tarsal bone)Medial malleolusLateral malleolusMedial condyle of tibiaLateral condyle of tibiaRight Leg, Anterior ViewLateral condyle of femurMedial condyle of femurKnee cap

  • Mnemonic for Learning Tarsal Bones: Medialcuneiform (1)Intermediatecuneiform (2)Lateralcuneiform (3)NavicularA boatIt sails on the CsTalusCalcaneusCuboidTiger Cubs Need M I L CClick R Button for Slideshow

  • Foot QuizAnswers: Next Slide; for Drill Click Back & ForthWhich Foot?

  • Foot Quiz AnswersWhich Foot?

  • Wrist MRI

    *Hand, Palmar SurfacePush slide show button at bottom RProximal row then distal row, both lateral-to-medialAnother Version: Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle"

    *Hand, Palmar Surface*Hand, Palmar Surface*Superior View of FootMnemomic is for tarsals only; does not include metatarsals or phalangesPush slide show button at bottom R*Superior View of R Foot*Superior View of Foot


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