appendicular skeleton ch. 8. appendicular skeleton 126 bones limbs girdles allows us to move and...

Download Appendicular Skeleton Ch. 8. Appendicular Skeleton 126 bones Limbs Girdles Allows us to move and manipulate objects

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Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular SkeletonCh. 8Appendicular Skeleton126 bonesLimbsGirdles

Allows us to move and manipulate objectsPectoral girdle

ClavicleScapula Acromion processArticulates with clavicleCoracoid processProvides attachment for limb and chest musclesGlenoid cavityArticulates with the head of the humerus

Pectoral girdlePectoral Girdle2 ClavicleCollarbones

2 ScapulaeShoulder Blades

Upper limbHumerusHeadMedial epicondyleLateral epicondyleOlecranon fossa RadiusUlnaOlecranon processCoronoid ProcessHandCarpalsMetacarpalsPhalanges

Upper Limbs

Pelvic Girdle

Pelvic girdleAlso known as the PelvisFunctionsSupport, attachment points, and protect organsPelvis is divided into 2 partsOs CoxaIliumLargest, most superior portion of the Os CoxaIschiumInferior portion of the Os CoxaPubisMost anterior portion of the Os CoxaAcetabulum Portion of the Os Coxa that articulates with the head of the Femur

Lower limbFemurPatellaTibia FibulaFoot

FemurHeadNeckGreater trochanterLesser trochanterShaftMedial condyleLateral condylePatellar surface

Tibia fibulaTibiaMedial Malleolus Fibula Lateral Malleolus



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