the 10 meritorious actions (a hokkien poem with eng. trans.)

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1. The 10 MeriTorious AcTions A Hokkien Poem With English Translation 2. Chap Lay Giap Ai Cho Chook Si Peng Aun Tho There are 10 Deeds you need to do Rebirth can then take place in Peaceful states 3. Gau Lang Ai Por Si Au Mai A Khee Thi Wise Ones like to do Dana or Charity Rebirth can take place in the heavens 4. Tau Khah Chiew Chin Ho Chee Lay Ho Eng Kuo Rendering Help is good This is good Kamma 5. Toh Teik Lu Ai Khor Ai Kia Cheng Kee Lor You have to guard your Morality You need to walk the Path of Righteousness 6. Goh Kai Lu Ai Tuei Ah Neh Lu Bo Chuei You have to follow the 5 Precepts In this way you are free from unwholesomeness 7. Eiu Kin Oo Siew Heng Lu A Khaw A Theng Mental Cultivation is important Your Dukkha or Suffering can cease 8. Liam Keng, Chay Sian Ho Lu Thang Li Aik Lo! Chanting, Meditation is good You then reap Benefits! 9. Cho Lang Ai Lay Mau Lang Bay Kong Lu Chau As Humans, we must have manners Then people would not label you Terrible 10. Chun Keng Hood Say Choon Peng Aun Lu Oo Hoon Pay Respect or Homage to the Buddha You will attain Peacefulness 11. Chor Lang Ai Aik Kee Chuk Si Oo Hock Khee We must remember to help others We can then be Blessed with good Rebirths 12. Lang Chee Cham Pai Mia Por Si A Chee Tiah There are poor and suffering ones Generosity can help relieve pain 13. A Heow Poon Kong Teik Chee Lay Chin Chiah Saik Sharing Merits with others is a wise action 14. Cho Leow Ho Eng Ko Huei Hiang Chin Chiah Ho After doing good Kamma, its very good to transfer merits 15. Hua Hee Lang Seng Kong Ah Neh Siang Ang Kong Being happy at others success Is a god-like quality 16. Wan Tho Sim Mai Oo Lu Peng Aun, Bo Soo Dont have a jealous heart Youll be peaceful, free from agitation 17. Lu Kar Lang Hood Li Kong Teik Boh Thang Pi Teaching or Preaching the Dhamma has tremendous merits 18. Hood Li Hor Lang Chai Ee Beh Gong Tai Tai Share the Dhamma with people To remove their Delusion 19. Thiah Keng Gau Lang Ai Lu Mai Ka Nah Pai Wise Ones want to listen to Dhamma Teachings Do not just pray and pray 20. Thiah Keng Thak Hood Li Tee Huey Ti Ti Khee Listen to and learn the Dhamma Your Wisdom will grow and grow 21. Chiah Hood Li Teok Ai Bo Lu A Sit Pai You must have the true Dhamma Otherwise you will decline 22. Gong Tai Chin Hong Hiam Lu A Khor Chin Thiam Delusion is very dangerous You can suffer terribly 23. The End Our Meritorious Deeds generate good Kamma May we attain the Peace and Bliss of Nibbana With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin


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