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    Vol. 46

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  • 2011 Koxinga Cultural Festival

    2011 Koxinga cultural festival begins on April 29 in Tainan. In order to

    coordinate this cultural festival, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City

    Government promotes Koxinga temple cultural guide tou. It's available to

    registrate the tour guide now.

    There are two tour routes this year. The first route is walking tour, and There are two tour routes this year. The first route is walking tour, and

    it will visit the neighborhood, ports and temples which are built in Cheng-

    tianfu period. The second tour is car travel tour, and it will visit

    Tiexianqiao Port and Madou Gugang Wharf and other historical scenic spots.

    The tour schedule dates are April 30, May 1, 7 and 8. All the people who

    have registered need to assemble in Koxinga Shrine on the day, and the tour

    guiders will be arranged to be accompanied. it needs to register and pay

    application fee in advance, please check the website of Cultural Affairs

    Bureau of Tainan City Government for more details.

  • Take the free shuttle bus

    to visit fireflies

    The Meiling Firefly Festival starts from this Saturday. Don't worry about the transportation, there's a free shuttle bus between Tainan Train Station and Meiling. Either children or elders can visit the fireflies and have the plum delicacy, the specialty of Meiling.

    Bureau of Tourism and Travel said that the free shuttle bus service is in operation on the aturdays and Sundays from April 23 to May 8. Every dusk, there are 3 runs of shuttle bus setting out from the Singnang() Bus Station nearby Tainan Train Station. Also there are shuttle buses fromMeiling Visitor Information Center to Er-Cen Ping(), of course it's also free.

    "To protect fireflies' habitat, do not drive into the WuLongDian firefly-watching trail." Chen, the director-general of Bureau of Tourism and Travel said. Instead, stroll on the 2 km route and enjoy the nature with free guides. It takes about 3 hours.

    By the way, there's a half-day village life experience activitie in April 23's afternoon, the same day as opening ceremony. Participants will make pickled plums themselves at first, then have plum chickens , and watch the fireflies at night. This activity is limited the participants of 300 people and cost NTD100. Call 07-3800170 for registration as soon as possible.




    Pay special attention to the intonation - you can always ask your Taiwanese friends on how to say these words with attitude! See you next time!


    Lets face it, on the streets of Tainan, you hear the Taiwanese dialect just as much as Mandarin Chinese. It is not at all difficult, and is particularly charming when you are out and about, buying things from the vendors. Lets get started with some simple vocabs:


  • Jing Zhi is one of the 24 solar terms, meaning

    awakening of insects literally. It usuallybegins around March 5 and ends aroundMarch 20. It is the period when the firstthunder in spring happens (so the insectswill be awakened). However, as youprobably heard it, the thunder finallycomes last weekend, with about onemonth. So everything should come alivenow (notice the mosquitos?), and weshould be looking forward to the sweatingsummer!!

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