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Task 13 - Pitch To Bauer Media

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Task 13 - Pitch for AS media


  • 1. Task 13 -PitchTo BauerMedia

2. introductionMy magazine is called Rewind and focuses more onthe older music coming back into mainstream music.The artists would be a series of big famous artistswho are perceived as classic, big and music royalty.In the month in which my first issue would be made,such bands as U2, Kate Bush, Neil Diamond, LadyGaga has gone back on tour and George Michael 3. introductionThe genre is of course what I have alreadymentioned. Mainstream pop/rock.Your other magazines which you have published,include TV Quick, Bella, Kerrang and Q. Thesehave lead you to become the third biggestpublisher in the UK. Your target audiences haveranged from older women in the gossipmagazines to the middle aged men in yourmusic magazines. Although this magazine appealsto a much wider audience of both men andwomen of the ages 16-32. 4. TargetAudienceThe magazine I am creating will be aimedtowards 16-30 year olds. In oppose to themagazines you already cover with an elder targetaudience. The concept of having anothermagazine with a younger audience means thatyou would sell more and overall your magazinecompany will overall then appeal to a more wideaudience. 5. House StyleThe House style of my magazine will follow acolour scheme of the similar colours shown inthis presentation. With a red mast head similaralso.The font I will be using is also similar to theone being used here. As well as other fonts 6. ContentMy content for my first issue will include:A top ten list Everyone likes ratings and lists,and lists are quite popular in your magazine Q.Tour information New reviews on tours, andtour dates.New Albums Reviews of albums and what'scoming up album wise.Interview interviews with big artists and newerartists who will appear to be hits. 7. Main StoryThe main story in my magazinefor the first issue, will be a malesinger named Jamie who's bandMirage The band was a late 90sband which split up in 2004.Jamie then done a short but bigsolo career In America and theUK, for around 6 years. Now heis returning with his band Miragewith a new image, new music,and new influence. They arereleasing a new greatest hitsalbum called Mirage togetherand apart. The main interview, isfeaturing Jamie, who talks abouthis career and the new album. 8. Focus Grouphttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WKJBJFKFor my focus group of 5 people, who all enjoy the genreof music and magazine in which I am covering,commented on the way I have presented my Pitch.They firstly said that when developing my pitch I shouldinclude more about advertisements and more about thecontent in my media pack.They also said that that my house style is quite visualbut, more images through out my pitch would be better. 9. Why ChooseRewindRewind, if taken by your company, could also be one ofthe biggest selling music magazines, similar to Q. Thisone appeals to a bigger target audience, however alsoappeals to a different type of music. Though bothmainstream pop and rock. Rewind focuses more on thebiggest selling artists, returning artists and the musicroyals. 10. Why chooseRewindWhen asking Jamie a member of my focus group about hischoice on music, he explained that as a 24 year old, who'sprofession is a brick layer, he struggles to listen to a lot ofnew music, due to not being able to listen to the radio a lot,he carried on to say that by purchasing a magazine with alot of mainstream and popular artists he could then find outabout the new music and go back to buying albums that helikes and would enjoy to play when he has free time. 11. Why AdvertiseWith RewindRewind, if published has the potential to become as big asQ or bigger, so to advertise in it would be a great move andgesture both towards Rewind, Bauer Media and thosechoosing to advertise.A selection of choices, who could appear to advertise in themagazine: 12. Why Rewindand Not Qo Q is the UKs No.1 actively-purchased musicmagazine:The magazine however has a further niche audience,whilst Kerrang also has a niche audience. Althougn witha magazine like Rewind, it could gate a further audience,though maybe not a mass audience, it will develop afurther mass audience for Bauer Media.o Q has the youngest target audience than any othermonthly music magazine. This means that for thoseaged around the 30 mark do not have a personalmagazine to buy. Though Rewind is aimed for also 16year olds, classic artists who would appear in themagazine, would appeal more to a mature olderaudience.