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A seminar by Willem Lammers on Tapas Fleming's energy psychology method to treat trauma and unbearable emotions


  • 1.Energy Psychology & Psychotherapy Techniques
    • Tapas Flemings TAT
  • Gloria Aronsons Daily Workout
  • George Goodhearts Temporal Tap

2. Bahnhofstrasse 2, 7304 Maienfeld, Switzerland Telephone ++41 81 302 77 03Fax 302 77 04 www.iasag.ch[email_address] i a s I n s t i t u te f o r the application of the social sciences 3. Energy Psychology & Psychotherapy Techniques

  • Tapas Flemings TAT
  • Gloria Aronsons Daily Workout
  • George Goodhearts Temporal Tap


  • "I don't trust men
  • Treating fantasies: Think of the fantasy becoming true
  • It hasnt happened

5. TAT:Tapas Acupressure Technique Tapas Fleming www.tat-intl.com [email_address] 6. TAT

  • TAT is a meridian-based method to facilitate and accelerate information processing
  • TAT was developed by Tapas Fleming
  • The method is used for the treatment of a large spectrum of problems:
    • allergies
    • bodily trauma
    • emotional trauma
    • addictions and habits
    • eating disorders
    • depression

7. TAT

  • TAT
    • is secure, prevents retraumatisation
    • is easy to teach, easy to learn
    • resolves distress from emotional and bodily trauma
    • works at the level of cell memory

8. TAT Pose

  • Thumb and ring fingers of one hand positioned under the ridge of the eyebrows next to the nose,
  • middle finger touching the forehead between and above eyebrows,
  • other hand positioned on back of head at occipital ridge

9. TAT Pose 10. TAT Steps

  • With every step, focus on the issue mentioned and do the TAT pose:
    • 1. Problem:
      • this can be a memory, an image, a sentence or a belief
    • 2. Opposite condition of the problem issue:
      • I went through it and I survived
      • Its over now
    • 3. Origins of the problem:
      • All the origins of the problem are healing now

11. TAT Steps

    • 4. Storage of the problem:
      • All the places in my body, mind and life where this has been a problem / where this has been held / stuck, are healing now
    • 5. Profit from the problem:
      • All parts of me that got something out of this problem are healing now
    • 6. Boundaries Me / Not Me
      • My boundaries become clear now, for myself and others

12. TAT Steps

    • 7. Forgiving:
      • I forgive everyone I blamed for this problem, including myself and higher powers / God
    • 8. Asking forgiveness:
      • I ask forgiveness from everyone I hurt because of this problem
    • 9. Becoming whole:
      • Im healing now, Im becoming whole
      • Imagine yourself in a white light with this sentence

13. Start

  • Every new client starts TAT with treatment for the sentence:
  • I dont deserve to live, and I cant accept love, help and healing

14. Daily Workout Gloria Aronson 15. Daily Workout

  • 1.General stress reduction
    • Take a deep breath
    • Rate it from 1-10 with10 being deepest and fullest
    • Tap, saying:releasing constriction
    • When breath is 9-10 continue
  • 2. Test, treat and retest 7 chakras
    • If any chakra is out of balance tap to put it right
  • 3. Test number of issues/problems right now

16. Daily Workout

  • 4. Starting from # 1
    • Test number of blocks within each problem
    • T&T each block
    • When all blocks are clear, treat problem until finished
  • 5. Go to next problem/issue
  • (Gloria Aronson)

17. The Temporal Tap

  • George Goodheart
  • Donna Eden

18. The Temporal Tap

  • The temporal tap was created by George Goodheart, the founder of applied kinesiology
  • Indications:
    • stopping smoking, drinking, overeating
    • changing compulsive habits
    • building confidence, optimism, and self-esteem
    • stimulating the immune system when fighting a serious illness
    • improving metabolic activity when trying to lose weight
    • enhancing co-ordination when trying to learn a new skill

19. The Temporal Tap

  • Your mind is receptive to specific affirmations when youre tapping around the temporal bone
  • The temporal tap affects the brain and each meridian
    • It sedates the triple warmer, because you tap in the opposite direction of its natural flow
  • The triple warmer governs your bodys habits
  • By calming the part of the nervous system that fights to maintain your habits, it becomes easier to accept a new habit

20. Right / Left

  • For right handed people, tapping on the right side strengthens positive statements
    • Under pressure I stay calm and centred
  • Tapping on the left side affirms negative statements with a positive intent
    • I no longer get stressed under pressure

21. Location

  • Tap on the temporal sphenoidal diagnostic line beginning just in front of the ear, at the temples
  • The tapping begins in front of the ear and proceeds around the TS line and finishes at the posterior of the ear, near the base of the skull

22. How to Tap

  • How to tap:
    • Tap with the three middle fingers of your hand
    • Tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce
    • As you tap, say the affirmation in the same rhythm
    • Tap from front to back about five times, making the statement with each pass
    • You can tap with right hand on right side of head and left hand on left side (Donna Eden) or the other way around (George Goodheart)

23. The Positive Statement

  • Creating the positive statement:
    • Focus on a goal that you want to achieve:
      • changing a habit, overcoming an addiction, etc.
    • Affirm the goalin a single sentence
    • Create the affirmation the way you naturally talk and think
    • Ask inside if there is any part that objects to the goal and the corresponding statement
    • Make sure that you release any objections before attempting the temporal tap

24. The Negative Statement

  • Creating the negative statement:
    • Create your positive statement first
    • Change the positive statement to a negative form by including words that still emphasise the positive intention
      • no, never, don't, won't, etc.
  • The meaningstays positive:
    • I eat for health and fitness and enjoy my food
    • becomes:
    • I dont eat from anxiety or compulsion

25. Frequency

  • Repeat the procedure several times a day
  • The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect on your nervous system
  • The temporal tap can also be repeated at the moment of an addictive or compulsive urge
  • It may take many days of repeating before the benefits become observable

26. Caveats

  • Wrong wording can trigger an opposite result
  • If one part of you says a + affirmation another part objects to, the negative can be reinforced
  • Test for counter-statements opposing the affirmation:
    • Check while tapping and saying the statement with one hand, use the other arm to have someone do a muscle test


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