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Body Massagers & Acupressure devices

Magnetic massage therapyMagnetic therapy is a way of using magnets to relieve pain in various areas of the body. Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Specially designed magnetic instruments accelerate the natural healing process, and help people in many different ways, such as normal pain relief, reduced swelling, stress relief, increased blood circulation, arthritis pain relief and increased oxygen in the cells and tissues.

Acupressure TherapyAcupressure is an ancient art of healing believed to be even older than acupuncture. It involves the use of the fingers and in recent times advanced equipments to press the key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. Pressing on these points relieves muscle tension, which promotes the circulation of blood and aid in the healing process.

Products and their use3D Massager- The 3D Massager with heat gives Deep relaxation and relief for neck, shoulder, back, lumber, abdomen and calf. It is like strong hands are giving you the massage no vibration.

Product and their useColour Glasses- We Have a Range of Glasses for Colour Therapy Available .

Product and their useProfessional Eye Massager- The eye massager generates the micro-current of multiple frequencies by a hi-tech integrated chip, which triggers important acupuncture points in the eye and brain, accelerates the microcirculation of the blood. There is varying choice of programmed modes. So just sit back and enjoy the experience.

Product and their useMagnetic Health Pillow- Magnetic health pillow ensures an excellent sleeping position. Its anatomical shape has been designed to envelope the head and neck. Memory foam is temperature and weight sensitive, therefor it mould to your body shape and returns to its original shape when pressure is removed.

Product and their useMagnetic Eye Mask- Improves blood circulation around eyes, reduces wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes, gives good night sleep.

Product and their useAir Orthotics Insoles- Acumag Air Orthotics is designed with 110 pressure sensitive Air Pumps. As you walk, the pressure from your feet stimulates the Air Pumps to blow tiny jets of air into your feet. The airflow helps to keep feet dry, comfortable, it helps to reduce odour and puts a spring in your step.

Product and their useSurya Facial Massager- Reduces Wrinkles and improves blood circulation, releases tension, toxin and tones facial muscles, eyestrain and neck tension relief, makes skin soft, radient and revitalise.

Product and their usePinhole Vision Glasses- Pinholes provide an infinite depth of focus so that even when the eye is not correctly focused, object will appear as if in focus. They eliminate scattering of the light to the retina and hence help to improve vision.

Product and their useMagnetic Yoga Belt- The Magnetic Back Belt with its detachable straps helps in supporting the back in different postures (sitting on chair or ground). The back belt works on the Ergonomic principle by holding the pelvis in its natural upright position by supporting the lower back. Thereby, balancing the upper back making and promoting straight posture. This way the tired muscles relax comfortably.

Product and their useNeck Traction- Having neck pain is a pretty common condition. It can be often extremely painful and sometimes disabling.

Product and their useInfrared Massager- The Acumag infrared massager works via the use of infrared technology, enabling heat to help take away the tension and stress that builds up in our bodies every day. Simple and easy to use, all you have you to do is take hold of the handle, direct the massager to the target area and allow it to work its magic.

Product and their useOriginal Eye Massager- Mechanical stimulation is produced around the eyes and upper nose region, both in the form of applied vibration and finger-like action on pressure points. This overall massage stimulation is useful for reducing stress, improving skin and muscle tone, tension, sinusitis, eye strain, headaches, driving fatigue and VDU fatigue.

Product and their useDeep Tissue Massager- An optional accessory hand free box Useful for: Calf Massage, Feet Massage, Lower Back Massage, Arm and hand Massage, Upper Back Massage.

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