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  • AcupressureSoul Lightening® About Clinical Acupressure Certification Certified CA practitioners are skilled at tailoring therapeutic sessions to address specific symp- toms within the context of the whole person. The certification process includes 138 hours of coursework, including 60 hours of direct faculty supervision and training during the intensive practicum series. Certified practitioners have also submitted mentor reviewed case studies, completed a community service requirement, and passed written and practical skills evaluations at the conclusion of their training.

    Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications (4 days • 24 hours)* In this workshop you will learn: • how to use acupressure to address symptoms, balance and energize the whole body and specific parts • how to locate and access more than 36 potent acupoints, used in specific combinations and formulas • how to use a clinical handbook with more than 70 acupressure formulas • how to apply the CA1 acupressure formulas for all parts of the body, and many symptoms

    Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations (4 days • 24 hours)* In this workshop you will learn: • how to use this acupressure method to balance body energy • how to combine bodywork with verbal process skills • how to empower yourself and your clients toward greater understanding and responsibility for health and growth • to focus health and development in the fundamental strength and wisdom of one’s own soul • exchange sessions with peers & use these skills for personal growth

    Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians (5 days • 30 hours)* In this workshop you will learn: • to describe acupressure and how meridians are formed • about each of the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood • the function, flow, five element points and therapeutic use for each meridian • to assess and address health and wellness from a holistic perspective, including reading Chinese Pulses • to design and deliver a complete acupressure session

    Seasonal Practicum Series (2 days each • 12 hours each)* In this series of 5 weekend intensive workshops you will : • expand upon the learning and experience of CA2 • refine skills for recognizing and addressing specific patterns • exchange sessions with peers • focus on specific pairs of organ meridians Spring – Liver/Gall Bladder Meridians

    Summer – Heart/Small Intestine/Pericardium/Triple Warmer Late Summer – Stomach/Spleen Meridians Autumn – Lung/Large Intestine Meridians Winter – Kidney/Bladder Meridians

    Letter of Recommendation This is a letter of recommendation for Clinical Acupressure written to Cathy Miller, President of Soul Lightening International, by Dr. John Reed, former medical director for the inpatient Integrative Care Service at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Our team members at the University of Maryland Medical Center have been providing service to pa- tients in the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center and throughout the main hospital in the medical, surgical, obstetric and pediatric services for a num- ber of years. When I was brought on as medical director in 2013 I was very pleased to find that the nursing members of our team had been trained in Clinical Acupressure by your organization.

    This treatment method, using combinations of points derived from the classical Chinese medi- cine point patterns known as the “Extraordinary Vessels”, provides a practical way to achieve whole body relaxation and a balancing of physiologic stress patterns in the autonomic nervous system and by extension in the internal organs.

    In our current inpatient practice at the University of Maryland Medical Center, I regularly request that the nurses on our Integrative Care Team offer Clinical Acupressure to patients who have severe orthopedic or neurologic trauma, challenging soft tissue injuries, organ transplants, and difficult courses of chemotherapy. The nurturing touch and the physiologic reintegration of this treatment approach helps patients overcome the emotional and physical shock of prolonged hospitalization.

    In addition to recommending your graduates for providing clinical care in institutional integrative care programs, I would advise that your graduate training be considered as a standard of proficiency for the treating providers involved in any research study of the effectiveness of Clinical Acupressure for selected conditions.

    Sincerely yours,

    John C. Reed, MD, MDiv Director of Inpatient Services Center for Integrative Medicine

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    This program has been peer-reviewed and is endorsed by AHNA

    “On surveys from insurance companies there is a question like “do you feel staff did everything possible to ease your discomfort?” Our hospital has seen a direct correlation

    with the rise in that satisfaction score and the use of integrative medicine.” ---T.K., Baltimore, MD

    Dr. Aminah Raheem

    Clinical Acupressure Certification Originated by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D

  • AcupressureSoul Lightening® REGISTER NOW - CLASS SIZE LIMITED!

    Clinical Acupressure Certification As a Clinical Acupressure Practitioner You Can Address: • Common conditions for self-care, family & patients

    • Muscle Tension, Joint Stiffness, Chronic Pain • Stress, Anxiety, Trauma Recovery • Digestion, Constipation, Circulation, Edema

    • Reproductive health, Menopause, Potency • Headache, Back pain, Neck & Shoulder pain • Insomnia, Irritibility, Depression, Grief • Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Balance

    AcupressureSoul Lightening® Consider our convenient payment option at $175 per month after down payment for our multi-class Clinical Acupressure Certification program or our 10% Early Bird discount for 90-day registration for in- dividual class registrations. Call our registrar at 978-456-0300 or visit The Foundation Certification Value Plan this program is the pre-requisite for the CA Certification program. It includes tuition for PA1A and CA1, your certification fee, our Foundation kit, and a beau- tiful certificate of completion. All for $1,790- a savings of 18% over the full-price tuition prices. Course work can begin immediately!

    The Clinical Acupressure Certification Value Plan includes your certification fee, tuition for our 5-day CA2 Meridians course and the five 2-day courses in our seasonal CA Practicum Series. A $5,070 value can be purchased through a payment plan that yields an 8% savings from our full-tuition prices. Discounts are available for early registration, in-class registration, or a 22% discount if the program is paid-for-in-full.

    Withdrawal Policy: If you withdraw from the Clinical Acupressure Certification program, you are obligated to pay the full-tuition price for any course you have taken. Any remaining funds will be refunded after an administration fee is applied.

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    Process Acupressure Certification

    Value Plan Get Certified for only

    175$ per month Register online or call (978) 456-0300