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Paper- I: Introduction to JournalismUNIT - I Journalism as a ProfessionPractical Theory of Journalism - History of Print from Guttenberg to the Computer - The Rise of Broadcast Journalism - The origin of Print Media in India - Emergence of newspapers in India - Hicky's Gazette -Emergence of Indian language Press -- Baptist mission - Rammohan Roy - James Silk Buckingham and others - Adam's regulation - New awakening - Derozians and their contributions - Iswar Chandra Gupta -Charles Met Calfe's role and Amrita Bazar Patrika Jugantor - Vernacular Press Act - Regional Journalism in India.UNIT - II Ethics: Law and free SpeechJournalism Ethics - Codes of Conduct - Freedom of Information - Indian Convention on Human Rights - Defamation and Libel - Copyright - Court Reporting - Reporting Restrictions - Contempt of Court - children and-voting people, sex offences.UNIT- III Media Institutions and their role in society Defining a media institutions - Cinema- mainstream and Art House - Regulatory bodies - The Press and Journalism - Television - Case study - Photography - Defining media genre - Media Genre Media Representation and Misrepresentation.IUNIT - IV Media Ethics and Regulation.Professional Morality and the Public Interest - Vulnerable Groups - Other vulnerable and special groups - and privacy - Children - Ethics and Newsgathering - sources and confidentiality - Taste and Decency/ Harm and Offence - Ethics and Regulation - Voluntary and Compulsory - Voluntary codes - Statutory Codes -Publishing Ethics - Ethics and the Internet - International Ethics and Regulation.UNIT - V English for Journalists and WritersEnglish Grammar - The Basic Rules - Spelling, selecting the right word - Punctuation and Beyond - Written English - Cliches, jargon, mixed metaphors and worse - Spoken English for the Media - English for Text Online and Small Screen Devices - Specialist writing skills. Paper- II: Reporting, Writing and EditingUNIT - I News and news writingDefinitions of News - Element of News, News Sources, - News Values - Objectivity and Impartiality - Types of News - News Sources - The Language of News - The Digital Newsroom - News Writing for Radio & Television - The Interview - Comment, opinion and conjecture.

UNIT - II ReportingThe Chief Reporter: duties, responsibilities and qualities of a Chief Reporter, Duties responsibilities and qualities of a reporter; Specialized Reporting - Sports, Agriculture. Cinema, Crime etc - Reporting - objective, Investigations, interpretative, Interview - Special reports, exclusives and scoops - Reporting for Print Media - Reporting Conferences, media conferences, press releases.

UNIT - III Editing and DesigningTraditional approaches - The Digital Revolution - Editorial Production - Structure of news desk: The editor - function and responsibilities of an editor, the news editor functions, duties and qualities - Chief Sub editor - Sub editors their functions duties and qualities - Text and Text Editing - Publication Style - Design and Typography - Design principles - Dealing with pictures and other graphic materials - Newspaper Design - Magazine Design - Editing Text for the Web - Designing for the web - Inverted pyramid pattern and others - Writing Intro Lead - Marking headings of news stories - different types of headingsUNIT - IV Feature Writing Definition - Different types of features - Freelance opportunities - Lifestyle and consumer features - Human interest features - Features profiles - Law for feature writing - Difference between new story and feature story. Yellow Journalism, Editorial writing, Letters to the editor, book film and drama review - Proof reading - Symbols of proof reading, duties and responsibilities of a proof reader, copy editing - symbols of copy editingUNIT - V Digital TV and Radio Journalism '7Functions of Radio newsroom - News editor - producer - Role of the broadcaste journalism reporter Writing for Broadcast - The Interview - The Bulletin - The Voice and the Voicer - The Package - Pictures and Visual - Broadcast Sound - Radio Technologies - Television technologies - Presenting on Radio - Presenting on Television - Audio Visual Material on the Web - Legal and Physical Constraints - TV news room - News editor producers TV reporters, writing TV and Radio report. Paper- III: Journalism for Specific PurposeUNIT I - Sports JournalismIntroduction to Sports Journalism - History of Sports Journalism and its Social impact - Journalism Ethics and Sport - Sports Coverage in Print - Broadcast Sport - Sport in Vision -Online Sport - International Sports Institutions (Major & Minor) - Sports Regulation - Sports Reporting - In the Office - Sports Reporting - in the field Sports Features Sports reporting and the public.UNIT II - Business JournalismBusiness journalism, how different is it from other reporting - History of business journalism - Prominent business publications in India and abroad - Beats in business journalism -Sources in business journalism - Aspects of business reporting - Stock market - Banking. Reserve Bank of India, its policies - Commodities market - State and Central Budgets - Exim Policy - Forex market - International market, WTO, its impact on India - Money market -Taxation, direct and indirect taxes, Income Tax, Excise, Sales Tax - Disinvestments. -Companies Act - Legal issues related to share holders - forward markets in shares and commodities, derivativesUNITT - III Women Oriented JournalismStatus of Women in different society over the ages - Status of women in society today; History of women in media - Women's sections in media and growth of women's magazines -^ Feminism, what is it. its history. Feminism in India - Feminist media in India and abroad -Indian laws relating to women - Portrayal of women in media-press, TV, advertisements -Laws/ethics pertaining to depiction of women in media - Developmental Journalism, its impact on women Rural and urban divide from women's perspective - Women and Environment; Human Rights issues a women's perspective - Writing on sexual harassment of women: interviewing victims of sexual harassment; Covering women's organizations -Writing on women and medical problems.UNIT IV - Science, Technology and Environment Journalism Evolution of Science Journalism - Prominent Science Journals in India and Abroad, Eminant Science Writers and Sources on Science in India - Difference between science journalism other forms of journalism - What makes science, technology and environment news - Need to be accurate and credible - Reference Material, Statistics and Documentation - Guarding against plagiarism by scientist as well as by science writers - Covering Science for Newspapers. Writing Science for Magazines - Covering Earth Sciences, Role of Environment in ancient times - History of Environmentalism, Development and Environment - Ecosystems, Global Warming/Green House. Designing Science MagazinesUNIT V - Photo-JournalismWhat is photo-journalism, how is it different from other forms of pho- tography? What is news? Spot the news - Are photographers journalists? Qualities required to be a photo-journalists News room structure, role of photo-editor What matters aesthetic or concept? Goodbye to the dark room, digital photography - What equipment is required? Hassles of photo-journalism, getting your equipment checked, getting police clearance Photojournalism, law and restrictions, Copyright Shooting riots Sports photography ,Travel photography, Entertainment/model photography Fashion photography, Photographing women Covering other events, Meeting the deadline Mistakes a photo-journalist can make Giving the caption Photo-editing, use of software. Transmitting photographs.QUESTION PAPER PATTERSNATIONAL COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS), TIRUCHIRAPALLI-1UGC SPONSORED CERTIFICATE COURSE IN JOURNALISM AND EDITINGTIME:3 HRS, MARKS-75SECTION-A (20 MARKS)I. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two: (10x2=20) (No Choice)SECTION B (5x5=25)II. Answer the following questions in a paragraph: (Either Or Pattern)SECTION-C (3x10=30)III. Answer any THREE of the following quest ions in detail: (3 out of five)


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