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digital journalism - group major assignment


<ul><li> 1. Digital Journalism : Editing/Revising<br />Group Name: Technerd<br />Group Members:<br /><ul><li>Eliana Pak </li></ul></li><li> 2. Lee YehChing </li></ul> <p> 3. Mohd. Hafiz 4. Tan Ai Choo 5. TengkuNurAmirah 6. Tan Ai Choo 7. Wai Lai Yee Technerd<br /> 8. Overall objectives:<br />At the end of this module, young journalists will be able to:1) identify and list the strategies and steps for editing and revising in digital journalism.2) infer and edit digital journals using appropriate strategies and steps.3) review, check and detect mistakes in digital journals that need editing or restructuring.<br /> 9. 10. Pedagogy<br /> 11. 12. 13. Rationales <br />Possibility to use the features in Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as chatting, creating forums and discussions to create virtual classroom<br />Unlimited uploading of pictures and files<br />Creating a social network<br />Personalising features <br />Free <br />Appeals and suits the requirements of our module<br /> 14. Strengths <br />user friendly<br />self explanatory<br />colourful (can customise their own page)<br />organised<br />promotes constructivism and interaction among learners<br /> 15. Digital Journalism: Editing/Revising<br /> 16. Thank you.<br />(C) Technerd<br /></p>