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Part 1 of Engine's SXSW Presentation


<ul><li> 1. Texas Comes to EngineWhat we learnt at SXSW Interactive 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. SXSW Interactive 2013- Began life as SXSW Multimedia in 1994- 30,000 delegates now attend more than 1,000 official sessions- 2,500 speakers over 5 days- Focus on creativity, innovation and inspiration 3. SXSW 2013 - Key Themes 4. The Year of Hardware Leap Motion Makerbot Digitizer Ouya Google Glasses 5. Good Ideas Spread Access to creativity is greater than ever An open internet means good ideas win If you have an idea, do something about it Resourcefulness always beats resources you no longer have to be big tosucceed 6. He who cares, wins Romero: Dont stop until youre 100% happy with what youre accomplished Musk: I want to die on Mars, just not on impact Lorre: The person in the room shouting the loudest usually wins Belsky: Nothing extraordinary was ever achieved through ordinary means 7. Culture is King Musk: People put too much weight on talent and not enough on personality Graham: A company only values culture if theyre willing to lose money on it Jenkins: Dont leave your personal identity at the door Graham: A strong culture is more than listening to Arcade Fire at work 8. One Size Doesnt Fit All Karp: Biggest mistake brands make on social media is using a generic campaign across all platforms Peretti: On social media the most effective content is stuff 10% of consumers care passionately about, not stuff 90% of people find vaguely interesting Inman: Quality over quantity the key to success is authenticity 9. A New Golden Age of Advertising The Bored at Work Network is incredibly powerful Advertisers can get back to telling immersive stories like they used to Brands need to understand how to become part of editorial content 10. Maker Culture 11. 20122013Software startups Hardware startups 12. Hardware hackers Mixing physical and digital Affordable micro-controllers and sensors Open source software 3D printing 13. Fruit piano 14. Beyond fruit 15. 3D printingBre Pettis CEO / Founder of MakerBot industries.Desktop 3D printing - $2,199.00Replaces mass production with a new localised personal approach to making things. 16. 3D printing ecosystemUnveiled the MakerBot DigitizerDesktop 3D scanner3 minutes high quality printable model. 17. 3D printing ecosystemRetail Store3D photo boothColoured filament 18. 3D printing ecosystem123D iPad apps make 3D modeling easy40,000 things to print on 19. MakiesThe worlds first customisable 3D-printed dollShoreditch based MakieLabAwarded first prize in the Entertainment andGaming SXSW awards 20. OuttakesShould more Agency generated ideas be tested on Engine buy a MakerBot?</p>