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SXSW 2010 journalistic reporting


  • 1. SxSW 2010 Austin, TX

2. South what? 3. Often dubbed the Sundance of new media, SXSWi is the bellwether for what lies ahead for digital culture. Advertising Age, March 24, 2009 4. Welcome to Austin, a city where, forthe time being, everybody is famous,the economy is rocking, and the gridis groaning under an influx of thedigitally interested. New York Times, March 23, 2009 5. facts and figures First sxsw in 1987, all about music First sxsw multimedia in 1994 Became sxsw interactive in 1999This year: Interactive participants: 15,000+ (40% YOY) 40% more registrations than sxsw music 2010 Countries represented: 31 6. personas Ashton Kutcher Scott Heiferman, Evan Williams, Meetup.comTwitterGuy Kawasaki Jeff Jervis, Gary VaynerchukThe Buzz Machine Danah Boyd Wine Library Social Media Researcher @ Microsoft 7. today#1 : social [media+business];todays connective tissue#2 : UX#3 : on steroids#4 : practical philosophy 8. #1 social [media+business];todays connectivetissue8 9. Question: How different was this event from others, when you say connective tissue ? It just felt more connected. Allthe time. Nearly like a scene from Blade Runner. 10. In short:super-location- connective + transparent + = connected sensitivetissue of sxsw 11. MySXSW Not just a website but an Event Social Network Connect Twitter followers Connect to Facebook Connect with new people [Contacts] See who is attending [Groups] Install [Tools] check it out? Customize [My Schedule] user: molonese p/w: sxswrocks 12. MySXSW - Groups Who is attending Connect with them 13. MySXSW - ToolsMySXSW on iPhoneFeatures: My Schedule Map Search Notifications My Card (send via email or SMS) News Compatibility: only iPhone v3.x Developer: DUB User feedback: not updating at times 14. QR (quick response) Code Application 1: Follow me @ mySxSW How? Snap the QR Code on my event tagwith your phone Get: name, photo, company, etc Then: follow me on my.sxsw; eventsattended, what I say, see my groups, etc. After: synch up all contacts gatheredwith my address book Applies: to people, brands, events Application 2: Quick access to content How? Snap the QR Code on poster, printadResult: get instant access to mobile page;text, mp3, video, etc.Application 1Application 2 15. QR (quick response) Code Phones and apps: iPhone: I-Nigma Windows Mobile:Bee Tagg BlackBerry: I-Nigma or BeeTagg Android: Google Zxing Reader Nokia: I-Nigma Result: few people used it, but it showsinnovation leadership of sxsw. Expected to be bigin the coming years. Application 1Application 2 16. Tweets kill Twitters keynote Highly anticipated keynote Worthy quotes: We are a force for the goodDifference between transparent and open?Window is transparent but closed. Door isopen. @Anywhere disappointed the interactive world. Lacked a larger context. Voted the worst keynote in the history of sxsw. Ironically, the tweeting audience killed the keynote. They never read the tweets in real time for feedback 75% of audience left before the end. 17. #tags at tracks#sparkamovement Whats good about it? synopsis of the track left on Twitter real-time feedback to the presenters helps decide if worth switching to another track 18. #tags in life This is Jenns real story 19. Gowalla Whats cool [need mobile] know where your friends are ping them at a great bistro now what they say about places imports friends from FB and Twitter rewards (pins) 20. FoursquareWhats cool [on mobile] very similar to Gowalla venue-specific promos from vendors rewards (badges) 21. FoodspottingWhats cool connects food lovers rates and reviews food and places helps make food decisions tagged by food type and geography natural fit for food-related sponsors 22. #2 : UX (user experience) 22 23. UX Web psychology Best UX sites Rapid prototyping (exercise) 24. web psychology#1 Likeabilityuse of personalities likeObama, liked celebrities #2 Social Proof smiling models sell better #3 Authority (example of banking #4 Reciprocity products) obvious but not used #5 Scarcityoften enough #6 Commitment 25. web psychology..continued show what like-minded people are #1 Likeability doing, e.g. people with red hair, buythis. #2 Social Proof the power of first follower power of groups / peer opinions, #3 Authority experiment which is the longest line,most see A when others say so too. #4 ReciprocityA. -------- B. ---------------- #5 Scarcity C. ----#6 Commitment 26. web psychology..continued #1 Likeability show people that you are credible reference made to Stanford #2 Social ProofGuidelines for Web Credibility Ashton Kutcher said #3 Authority Jack Welch says #4 Reciprocity#5 Scarcity #6 Commitment 27. web psychology..continued #1 Likeability you give, you get#2 Social Proof dog adoption as an analogy;the dog given free for the #3 Authority weekend always finds ahome #4 Reciprocity Google doing it with its free #5 Scarcityapps like Reader.#6 Commitment 28. web psychology..continued #1 Likeability especially when we knowsomething will be short in #2 Social Proofsupply#3 Authority tell people when its runningout #4 Reciprocity#5 Scarcity #6 Commitment 29. web psychology ..continued #1 Likeability create a low entry point forpeople to commit. Games #2 Social Proofare a good example of meritsand rewards to create a hook #3 Authority comes across how the site #4 Reciprocity engages us#5 Scarcity #6 Commitment 30. web psychology..continued #1 Likeability Great sites like Amazonsubscribes to all these #2 Social Proofprinciples#3 Authority Recommendation: run thischecklist to see how a site #4 Reciprocity can be optimized further#5 Scarcity #6 Commitment 31. best UX nibsUX experts picks: We hardly everacknowledge a good UX zappos .comsite but get so irritated with a bad one. Let someone else tell you the site is great (assuming you are thedesigner/UX person) 32. rapid prototypingThe Wallet Exercise (by c/o Intuit, designed The idea: Experiment early by conducting rough and rapid experiments Means little time investment Validate ideas (as idea creators get so hang up on their ideas) 33. rapid prototyping ..continued Step 1 34. rapid prototyping ..continued Step 2 35. rapid prototyping ..continued Step 3 36. rapid prototyping ..continued Step 4 37. rapid prototyping ..continued From this, to .. this We can use this approach to communicate a POV (strategy), a new interactive approach (with the client or a focus group). 38. #3 : on steroids 39. battle of the decks Idea: Present a powerpoint deck you had never seen before. 10 slides in 5 minutes. Be judged for originality, confidence and storytelling skills. 40. SXSW matchmaking: pitching content to Miller Light Advertising is so 20th Century. Watch a world famous brand stop interrupting TV and start dating motion media online. Six content creators will pitch their ideas live on the Day Stage. A fast six minutes each. One will secure $24,000 to make their film. Another will get $8,000 decided by the audience. 41. Bing maps evolution Silverlight makes it AMAZING! Applications built on top of Bing Maps E.g. see real-time Tweets in this location 42. #4 : practical philosophy 43. neuroscience and marketing Pet rock success do we need neuroscience to sell? There are no such things as super ads, no mind reading Use of smiley faces in ads show a higher acceptance level in ads than neutral faces Not being able to decipher a facial expression makes us more curious (Monalisa, catwalk model?). Why? Human brain can only process 2-3 images at a time. Anything more than 3 gives us anxiety. Why? Decoy marketing a counterintuitive way to sell more Dips and chips; the evocative moment of dipping the chip in the salsa; moment of the experience. Ask the kids to study before going to sleep. Why? 44. too much math killing marketing? Panel split for and against math Right/left brain people see things differently (vid) Moderator listening to audience tweets and responds in real-time Most popular session at sxsw (coz they listen?) 45. privacy and publicity Privacy is not dead Googles Buzz fiasco Facebooks privacy disconnectDanah Boyd Living in a publicity worldEthnographer, Social Media Researcher Message for us@ Microsoft Full talk on : 46. spark a movementScott Heiferman, founder of podcast: 47. spark a movement continued Followers are over rated 48. spark a movementcontinued Cult DictatorshipBand21st century movementBrand 49. spark a movementcontinued an inspiration, not leadership making followers powerful get them to self- organize Leadership Factory 21st century movement 50. spark a movement continued Architecture for Humanity 51. spark a movement continuedLets Story of MEStory of WE 52. spark a movement continued 53. spark a movement continued 54. documenting ideas 55. Microsoft @ sxsw 56. brands @ sxsw 57. disappointments No wow launches such as the next Twitter-, Foursquare-like Having to arrive early for better tracks and keynotes Some tracks brilliant, some sub-standard Food selection/health and coffee queues Total Pepsi block, no Coke.. Wish we were more to cover it all! 58. what we loved The energy The brains The ideas DPE team connections Getting to know each other.. 59. useful links Aston Kutcher Katalyst Media the future of media? Chris Brogan - social media consultant and a blogger Danah Boyd keynote : takeaways: Gary Vaynerchuk presentation (Wine Library founder) BEYjvifUdeM login : user: molonese, p/w: sxswrocks 60. till next year