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In the most important nonprofit book since UNCHARITABLE, Randal C. Moss and David J. Neff show how the future of innovation, internal entrepreneurship, fundraising and social media communications are going to radically reshape the landscape of nonprofits in the next five years.With case studies, expert interviews, document samples and the world's first nonprofit themed graphic novel they are giving you the keys to change your nonprofit today.


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2. - 4.5%United Way - 8.4% Red Cross- 11.0% American Cancer Society The Chronicle of Philanthropy 3. Social Gaming and Rewards Social Games And RewardsWhatever Denis 4. Donating WithEase 5. The Rise ofthe IndividualFundraiserLook at me I have a mustache! 6. Socially ConsciousPartnerships 7. Adaptive to NewDonor Attitudes 8. Awareness 9. Structure 10. Staffing 11. 12. 13. 14. Intake 15. First Review 16. Business Case 17. Developmentand Testing 18. LaunchThanks NASA! 19. INNOVATE and THRIVEorSTAGNATE and DIE 20. The Future of NonprotsInnovate and Thrive@randalc #thefutureofnpos @daveiamPre-Order and Contact Us at