SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. ESSENTIAL QUESTION What is the purpose of the Supreme Court?

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  • ESSENTIAL QUESTIONWhat is the purpose of the Supreme Court?

  • JUDICIAL REVIEWCourts can decide if laws follow the U.S Constitituion.

  • APPEALS COURTThe Supreme Court hears cases that have been decided in lower courts.

  • OPINIONSThe decisions of the Supreme Court.Can change their minds later.

  • ESSENTIAL QUESTIONHow do people get on the Supreme Court?

  • PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTMENTSPresident names person to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court, U.S Senate approves.Supreme Court Justices do not face elections.

  • ESSENTIAL QUESTIONWhat are some important Supreme Court decisions?

  • WORCESTER V. GEORGIAIndian Removal Act is unconstitutional.Pres. Jackson removed Indians anyway.

  • SCOTT V. SANFORDSlaves considered property, not people.May have led to U.S Civil War.

  • GIBBONS V. OGDENFederal law is more important than state law.Allowed enforcement of 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  • KOREMATSU V. UNITED STATESLegal to send Japanese to interment camps.National security more important than individual rights.

  • TINKER V. DES MOINESStudents arm bands are a legal form of free speech- do not violate a dress code.

  • TERRY V. OHIOPolice may frisk for weapons at any time with reasonable suspicion.

  • BAKKE V. U OF CALI.Colleges may consider race as part of affirmative action in application acceptances.

  • RILEY V. CALIFORNIAPolice may search and seize property without a warrant if the prove probable cause.

  • TLO V. NEW JERSEYSchool officials may search a locker without a search warrant.

  • MIRANDA V. ARIZONAPolice must read rights before questioning.Right to remain silent, right to a lawyer.

  • GIDEON V. WAINWRIGHTIf accused person cant afford a lawyer, one will be appointed by the courts.Public Defenders Office.

  • ROE V. WADEAbortion is legal in first trimester.