summer 2012 the blockbuster summer

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Ok so this week see’s the release of Avengers Assemble so in celebration here is my preview of the summer of 2012 SUMMER 2012 THE BLOCKBUSTER SUMMER

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  • 1. Ok so this weeksees the rel easeSUMMER 2012 THE ofAvenger sAssemble so incelebrati on hereBLOCKBUSTER SUMMERis my preview ofthe summ er of201 2

2. AVENGERS ASSEMBLERelease Date: 26 th AprilDirector: Josh WhedonThis has been building for quitesometime as Marvels Avengers meet.Theres not doubting all of the precedingfilms have been fun but can this live upto the hype? A great cast and the manwho brought us Buf fy the Vampire Slayersuggest it can. It can defiantly said thatAvengers Assemble will face the DarkKnight Rises for king of the Superheros. 3. AMERICAN REUNION Release Date: 2 nd May Directors: John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg No doubt as usual this summer will be dominated by sequels but comedy seems to have taken a back foot so maybe a return to THE teen franchise may help the genre continue its success. The biggest indicator that the film could be a success is the sign that every cast member is back. There may even be some teary moments for those of us who grew up with the characters. 4. MEN IN BLACK IIIRelease Date: 25 th MayDirector: Barry SonnenfeldAnother long awaited sequel, despitethe let down of Men In Black II, from thetrailers all seems as it was in the Men InBlack Universe and it will be nice to seeWill Smith back in one of the roles thatmade his film career. It also must besaid that by the looks of it Josh Brolinmakes a jolly good Tommy Lee Jones.Can this be the sequel the first filmdeserves? 5. PROMETHEUSRelease Date: 1 st JuneDirectors: Ridley ScottThe excitement surrounding the releaseof Prometheus is the fact the film is stillshrouded in mystery. All the elementsadd up great cast, a superb trailer andmost of all the fact this could be in theAlien universe. Of course like many ofthe films on this list it could suffer frombeen over hyped but by the looks of itthis could be the adult hit of thesummer. 6. THE 5 YEAR ENGAGEMENTRelease Date: 22 nd JuneDirector: Nicholas StollerThe latest from film from the director ofForgetting Sarah Marshall and Get HimTo The Greek there was always going tobe the hope that this will be thesummers big comedy hit. It does haveJason Segal who very rarely appears inbad comedy so the question is can it beas bit as the duos previous work orcould it even reach the level of Hangoverand Bridesmaids? Who knows! 7. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MANRelease Date: 4 th JulyDirectors: Marc WebbDid Spider-Man really need to berebooted? Most of me says no but whenyou look at the information theres signsthat it could actually better the original.Yeah weve seen the story before butAndrew Garfield and Emma Stone aretwo of the rising stars of Hollywood.Also Marc Webbs debut 500 Days ofSummer rocked so lets hope he canfollow it up with a superior to theoriginal reboot. 8. ICE AGE CONTINENTAL DRIFTRelease Date: 13 nd JulyDirectors: Steve Martino and MikeThurmeierIce Age is the animated series of thegeneration that wasnt Shrek but theresstill a degree of excitement for the 4 thfilm especially when the 3 rd was betterthen its rival in the Shrek series. Theresgreat additions to the voice cast as wellwith Nick Frost and Glees HeatherMorris coming aboard. And if they dontlive up theres still Scrat to keep usentertained. 9. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Release Date: 20 th July Directors: Christopher Nolan What more can be said about the most talked about movie of the summer. Expectations are ridiculously high for Nolan and Bales bow out but if anyone can pull it of f its the people involved in this film. Superior sequels are rather never mind sequels superior to both the original and the better sequel. Can they deliver? Everyone seems to think so either way its going to make big bucks!! 10. THE EXPENDABLES 2Release Date: 17 th AugustDirectors: Simon WestThe great blockbusters slow down inAugust but for action fans theresalways the sequel to the Expendablesadeptly titled The Expendables 2. Dontexpect too much plot but do expectaction, action and lots of swearing, hangon wait scratch that last one. So itsprobably going to be a 12 here but nodoubt the all star cast will kick somearse. 11. HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREETRelease Date: 21 st September (US)Directors: Mark TonderaiSo theres no UK release date yet butfrom the trailer it looks like this couldbe the summers horror hit, especiallyafter the relative success of Cabin in theWoods. There is one reason Im excitedfor the film and that the fact JenniferLawrence is the star, have I evermentioned Im in love with her? Ok soIm not going to go on about this filmlike the Hunger Games but I willdefiantly be going to see this! 12. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEYRelease Date: 14 th DecemberDirectors: Peter JacksonOk so its not strictly speaking asummer film but how can you mentionupcoming 2012 films without it. Lord ofthe Rings introduced a whole generationto the magic of cinema and hopefully sowill the prequel as well as keeping thedevoted fans happy. Can you reallybelieve it was 11 years ago that Frodoand Sam started their adventure? Letshope Middle Earth hasnt changed.