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  • 1. BlockBusterBlockbuster started out as a video store, in 1989, where customers canrent DVDs.It has since grown to include games, and now has a website which gains most of thebusiness.Through their website you can download films to rent and watch straight away. Youcan also download games straight to your gaming console.Blockbuster has a few unique selling points including a range of trial plans, startingfrom 1.Blockbuster was one of the first websites to allow you to rent games by downloadingthem.If you buy a hard copy of anything online, they include free delivery.You are able to trade in older games and films.Blockbuster also offer a selection of films exclusive to them, i.e. You cannot rent themfrom any other store.

2. Target Audience When refining a target audience for Problem...our marketing designs, we referredto the client brief and chose a We feel that the problem is thatyounger audience of 16-21, possibly people are not aware of thepupils, gamers, and people who aredifferent things that Blockbusterinto offer. We aim to target this by going We chose this audience as wedigital with our marketingthought they would be most likely tocampaigns, for example,rent films and games, as they may including a QR code on ournot be able to afford the full DVD or posters/billboards/stickers.Game. Also the younger generationare more likely to own gadgets thatallow them to connect to theBlockbuster website and downloadfilms/games. 3. Initial Ideas... 4. QR Code Stickers. The idea of stickers reflect our target audience, for example when walkingaround the streets in places such as Brighton, you are able to see stickersthat have been stuck on signs, walls, bins, floors etc. Also by only puttingimages of iconic people from films and a QR code people will be moreinterested to find out exactly what that sticker is advertising. The QR code would lead them to the Blockbuster website where theycould download the film that the image is from. 5. The Facebook page also reflects our target audienceas most people aged 16-21 have Facebook and arelikely to Like the Blockbuster page, this way the morepeople who Like it the more awareness is raised.The Facebook page would also raise awareness bybeing able to Post about latest offers, links to thewebsite etc. 6. Promotional Tent...Placed in big shopping centers around the countryGiving away free mini bags of popcorn containingpromotional vouchersPepsi cans with promotional codes on themConsoles set up to trial games