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Blockbuster Film By Michaela McCole

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Blockbuster Film

Blockbuster Film

By Michaela McCole

Stages to a Blockbuster Film

1 A star

2 A large production budget

3 A large marketing budget

4 A range of merchandising

5 A wide demographic

6 A holiday release date

7 A wide release

Toy Story 3

1 A star Tom Hanks (As Woody)

2 A large production budget $200 million

3 A large marketing budget $125 million

4 A range of merchandising lots of merchandising such as a range of soft toys from the Disney Store, T-Shirts, Backpacks & Suitcases and more.

5 A wide demographic Doesnt have an age rating as it is available to any age. It is a childrens film, therefore appeals to children however anyone can watch the film.

6 A holiday release date UK Cinema release date Monday 19th July 2010

7 A wide release North and South America, Argentina, Finland. It has also released in lots of other countries.


Storyline: The story is based on true life events and the story follows a family who have been involved in a serious car accident in the middle of no where and they have to fight for their survival, this film involves real life events which the family must face to battle their way to survival. They are starved and stranded but they still must fight to try and reach help. Who will survive?


Hiring a director - 100,000

Hiring the actors - 700,000

Effects/Stunts - 500,000

Crew members, Staff & Extras - 200,000

Total = 1,000,000

Merchandising, Promotional Campaigns & Advertisement: 300,000

Final Total = 1,300,000

Stages of my Blockbuster

A star We will use Penn Badgley (Father)

Lily James (Mother)

Elle Fanning (Daughter)

Seth Robert Dusky (Son)

We will be using actors which are well known therefore they will be well known.

2 A large production budget 90,000,000

3 A large marketing budget 30,000,000

4 A range of merchandising we will have lots of different merchandise such as t shirts, film posters and we will promote the film with posters, adverts etc.

5 A wide demographic 13A, wide range for age, it will also interest any action genre fans, along with

6 A holiday release date 5th June 2019

7 A wide release we will promote the film by having different premiers, predominately in London and New York however we will also have other premiers in different countries. We will also make sure we have lots of showings for the film at different times of the day.

What is a Fandom?

A fandom is the condition of being a fan of someone or something, the fan could be of a team, a fictional series or even a film.

They are fans that come together as a fandom, they are determined and they share a common interest, they usually spend a large time and energy with the interest and take into account every particular detail.

What is a Fanzine?

A fanzine is a magazine which is non professional and not officially been published, but is created and produced by the fans of a particular interest they may have.

A group of people may come together to produce this magazine as they share the same interest, the magazine receives no financial compensation and they are usually free of charge.

A fanzine can be exchanged for similar magazines.

Harry Potter

Fans can interact with this Blockbuster film as they can create their own fandom of the show which is something that is quite popular. They can also create their own fanzines about Harry Potter and they may swap different magazines and read each others.

Furthermore they can create their own YouTube videos about the harry potter series and as the series is such a big one and there are lots of films therefore they can crate different YouTube videos.

They can also follow their twitter page and look for constant updates and constant new tweets that they have.

A specific example is Pottermania is a term they use about the craze over the series.