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  1. 1. Intelligence Cody StephensOctober 31, 2011Mrs. Mitchell
  2. 2. My Multiple Intelligences ChartLinguistic25Kinesthetic 20 19 21 Logical151510 5Naturalistic909Interpersonal16 11 Visual/Spatial Intrapersonal 23 Musical
  3. 3. Assessment of My Intelligence ChartI agree for the most part with the conclusions of the multipleintelligences quiz. My high score in linguistic intelligence reflects mypenchant for language and for writing. Also, the high logical score fitsme because I am an analytical thinker. This skill, or intelligence, worksin tandem with linguistic intelligence when I have to write essays thatdemonstrate critical thinking about abstract subjects or overarchingthemes. The high score in intrapersonal intelligence also describes mewell. As a reserved introvert, many of my thoughts are directed at myown personality, experiences, and ideas. Even so, I disagree with theevaluation of my interpersonal intelligence. Although I do not have thebest social skills and prefer to be alone, I am quite observant ofothers, I am tactful, and I am very capable of making others laugh.Lastly, the relatively high score in spatial intelligence does notrepresent me at all. I find it hard to learn information from graphicsand I am bad at drawing.
  4. 4. Intrapersonal Intelligence;Developmental PsychologyApplying your vocabulary and various concepts ofthe unit, categorize and illustrate your social andcognitive development as an adolescent. Use yourparents or guardians as resources if necessary.To get started, consider using these terms:identity, role confusion, intimacy, peerinfluence, preconventional, conventional, andpostconventional morality
  5. 5. Logical Intelligence; Thinking, Language, and IntelligenceOffer personal examples that demonstrate thefollowing terms and their consequences:concept, prototype, algorithm, hierarchy, heuristic, insight, confirmation bias, fixation, mentalset, representative heuristic, availabilityheuristic, overconfidence, framing, beliefbias, belief perseverance.If you cannot think of an anecdote, then use yourimagination. In any case, be sure to fully explainhow the terms apply to the situation.
  6. 6. Linguistic Intelligence; MemoryWrite a poem or a story about a time whenyou remembered or forgot something.Within or after your poem orstory, determine what caused theexperience, using unit vocabulary.
  7. 7. Works Cited Myers, D. G., Straub, R. O., & Ludwig, T.(2007). Psychology (8th ed.). New York:Worth.