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By Cody Rudd. The Band. Mike Shinoda – vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboards Chester Bennington – vocals Joe Hahn – electronics, backing vocals, keyboard Brad Delson – lead guitar, keyboards, bass guitar Rob Bourdon – drums, percussion Dave Farrell “Phoenix” – bass guitar, backing vocals. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Linkin Park

By Cody RuddThe BandMike Shinoda vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboardsChester Bennington vocalsJoe Hahn electronics, backing vocals, keyboardBrad Delson lead guitar, keyboards, bass guitarRob Bourdon drums, percussionDave Farrell Phoenix bass guitar, backing vocals

Brief HistoryThe band joined together in 1996 in Agoura Hills, California.Chester Bennington, joined the band in 1998. The following the year the band became Linkin Park, named after Lincoln Park in California.Original name of the band was Hybrid Theory, which they named their first album after in 2000.

Mike Shinoda formed a side band called Fort Minor with the help of Jay-Z.The band has also helped raised money for charity as well as helping out during the Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004-05. They created the Music for Relief to help raise funds for the destruction. As they worked on their albums their genre changed. Their style changed to a softer rock-pop with hip-hop infused.Their latest album, Living Things was a dub step-like sound, the electronics effects are much more prevalent in the music.

Nu MetalNu Metal, is a sub-genre of heavy metal music and adds hip-hop and hardcore punk to the music.It is largely based upon syncopation (unity of different rhythms in the music) and the heavier guitar riffs.Their original style of music when the band was created; it is heard in their albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora.The bands genre now in considered alternative.InfluencesDeftones Hardcore-heavy metal soundThe Roots hip-hop soundNine Inch Nails electronic soundAphex Twin electronic sound

In the EndListen For:The hip-hop style of singing, the heavier sound of the guitar.

Listen For:The hip-hop style of singing, the heavy guitar playing. One Step CloserMusic History2000 Hybrid Theory2003 Meteora2007 Minutes to Midnight2010 A Thousand Suns2012 Living Things2014 The Hunting Party (6-17)

Collaborated with other artists to create Reanimation in 2002Collaborated with Jay-Z to create Collision Course in 2004

Music in CinemaThe Transformers trilogy.They have three songs for the each of the movies.Transformers What Ive DoneTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen New DivideTransformers: Dark Side of the Moon IridescentWhat Ive DoneListen For:The movement away from nu metal, the pop style of singing, the hip-hop sound of the band. Waiting for The EndListen For:Very little nu-metal sound , the percussion, digital effects, the softer style of singing, harmony on the verse from Bennington and Shinoda. BibliographyAndrew Leahey, Rovi. Linkin Park. Biography. 2014. Web. May 2, 2014. Wikipedia. Nu Metal. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. 2014. Web. May 2, 2014. Rolling Stone. Linkin Park. Biography. 2014. Web. May 2, 2014.

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