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project for 571 (501) Intro to Educational Technology


  • 1. Technology Use PresentationBy Libby Cody
    Created for East Public Schools

2. This Technology Plan is critical because:
It extends the steps listed in the Memo, which addressed Digital Equity as a priority.
It encompasses staff and student learning objectives, along with equipment and program expectations and goals.
It provides direction for a large scale implementation of materials, expectations, and resources.
3. Planning Team
In order to create an all inclusive plan, one that does not exclude any segment of the districts staff or students, we need to ensure that we recruit a substantial cross section of the districts employees.We will start with the following staff members:

  • Director of Instruction

4. Technology / Media Services Coordinator 5. Director of Fiscal Services 6. Principals (K-12) 7. Secretaries 8. Social Worker, Counselor