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  • 1. Step by step!Medium close up inserted into photo shopand then majic wand was used to cut aroundthe photo to edit out all the back ground. Using I found a font that I thought would suit my magazine and typed in the name of my magazine (campus plus) I then print screened this and inserted it into Microsoft word were I cropped the print screen into just the text I then copy and pasted this into photoshop. Ones I inserted it into photo shop the size appeared decreased so I then used the free transform editing tool on photo shop to enlarge the size of the text.

2. I decided that the image should be in theleft third so I moved it from the right sideof the magazine. I then inserted a sky likewhy using the box tool. I then added animage from google imagers (the itunes giftvoucher) as a give away with themagazine.I then again used dafont to insert the text Ithen crop it in word and coppy and pastedthe image into photo shop.I lastly added the bar code by coppy andpasting the bar code into photo shop. ` I changed my mind at this stage and free transformed the dafont text text to back it into a sky line and then reversed it out to change the backing to black. I then free transformed the image of the person to enlarge it. I then used out a glow to make the outer edge of the person glow to make it stand out. I then free transformed the dafont text to make it larger I then arranged this text over the picture of the person and reversed out every other peace of text.I then removed the picture from google imagers of the itunes gift card as I realised we were not suppose to used imported images. I then used a special font to create a fake bar code for the magazine on Microsoft word I then coppy and pasted this into photoshop and used the free transform tool to make it bigger and fit the bottom right corner. 3. I then ones again used to create the text about the 20% special offer with in the magazine I again used the preview option on and print screened it and then pasted it into word. I then cropped the print screen down to the text only. I then copied and pasted this is photoshop and used the free transform option to enlarge the text and put it at an angle. I now moved onto my contents page this is explained step by step below.To start my contents page I opened photo shop and selected new from the file drop down menu. I then selected A4 international paper.After this I loaded up the website and selected the same if not a similar font to the one used for the sky line on the front cover and used this but changed it to contents page I then print screened this, copied and pasted this into work cropped it down to text only and cut and pasted into photo shop I then inverted the inserted text to create a similar sky line to the one on the front cover. 4. I then looked threw some imagers from what me and my group took for our magazine and found one of one of my camera team members against a wall I cropped this picture to remove all back ground and my team member from it and the used the image of the wall as my back ground.I then used the dafont website to getthe correct font and then printscreened and copy and pasted itinto word were I cropped it and thecopy and pasted it into photo shop Ithen free transformed the text to theright size and then moved the textinto the order in which I wanted itand the saved as JPEG.


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