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1. STEP BY STEP TO YOUR NEXT OFFICE 2. THE PERFECT WAY TO YOUR NEXT OFFICESTEG 1 - INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE STEG 2 - ANALYSIS1STEG 3 - CREATE A VISION AN ANALYSIS TO:STEG 4 - INTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONIdentify the optimal planning.STEG 5 - DELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UPOptimise each square metre in the ofce. Make most of the budget and prevent bad investments. Create environments for development, communication and cooperation. Promote health, well-being and job satisfaction. Consultation & service throughout the entire process.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATEANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 3. 2INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE!GET EVERYONE ON THE SAME TRACK. The rst step is to inform, inspire and motivate to get all staff members on the same track. We hold seminars, for instance, on how the working life is changing, why this is the case, how this will affect people and companies. We inform also about how important it is to customise the working environment so that it supports both staff and operations. Visit also our showrooms for more inspiration.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 2ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 4. 3ANALYSISYOUR COMPANY IS UNIQUE. It is important to analyse your specic requirements. Together with you, we conduct a detailed analysis of occupancy rate, work patterns and staff requirements and wishes. The results are summarised in a report on which the design of the workplace will be based. It is important that everyone in the company is involved in the analysis. Large companies can set up a reference group that represents the group's wishes.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 3ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 5. 4ANALYSIS | OCCUPANCY STUDYHOW WELL IS YOUR WORKPLACE UTILISED TODAY? The occupancy study measures the occupancy rate at the personal desk space. This is simply done using an app where the employees are asked 3 times a day during a period of 2-3 weeks whether or not they sit at their own desk.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 4ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 6. 5ANALYSIS | IDENTIFYING WORK PATTERNSWHAT DOES AN AVERAGE WORKING WEEK LOOK LIKE TODAY? Work patterns are identied by conducting an analysis that shows what an average working week is like for each individual/professional group/department. The analysis includes all staff and is conducted, as with the occupancy study, using a telephone app for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. For each working day the number of hours spent on different activities is reported, as well as if the activities have been carried out in or away from the ofce/workplace.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 5ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 7. 6ANALYSIS | WORKSHOPWHICH ENVIRONMENTS BEST SUPPORT YOUR ACTIVITIES? A workshop is carried out to analyse which environments best support the activities performed in your company. The analysis is conducted using a game, the results of which show the environments staff would prefer to perform different activities in and to what extent. We also measure the required level of concentration - low, medium or high. We carry out and document the workshop for the entire company or for a reference group (depending on how big the company is). It is recommended that interior designers/architects also participate as they will come up with an interior design solution.Time: 2-4 hoursINFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 6ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 8. 7ANALYSIS | SUMMARY OF RESULTSEASY-TO-READ REPORT. The ndings in the occupancy study, the identied work patterns and the workshop are summarised in an easy-to-read report. It clearly shows the results both for individuals/professional groups/departments and for the entire business.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 7ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 9. 8ANALYSIS | PRESENTATION OF RESULTSPRESENTATION The report is handed over and the results are presented. Time: approx. 1 hourINFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 8ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 10. 9CREATE A VISIONHOW WOULD YOU AND YOUR STAFF LIKE TO DESIGN YOUR WORKPLACE? The report summarising the analysis provides detailed information which is used to design your new working environment. Knowing the occupancy rate, work patterns, staff requirements and wishes and concentration levels, you, representatives from Kinnarps and an architect can then discuss how you and your staff would like to design your new workplace. Time: 1-2 hoursINFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 9ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 11. 10INTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTION We propose an interior design solution that reflects your vision and business. Any alterations to the proposal are carried out and when you are fully satisfied you can place an order for your new workplace.INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 10ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 12. 11DELIVERY & FOLLOW-UPA VISION IS REALISED. Our own delivery tters deliver and install your new working environment. Before we leave your company, we remove all packaging to leave your new working environment ready to use.FOLLOW-UP After delivery and installation, a rst follow-up is carried out after three months and a further one after six months to ensure that you are satised with the designINFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE 11ANALYSISCREATE A VISIONINTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONDELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP 13. 12KINNARPS' SERVICES We offer consultancy and service during the entire process, as well as the following services during the different phases of the implementation process. STEP 1. INFORM, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE - Seminars - Demonstrations in our showrooms. STEP 2. ANALYSIS - Occupancy study. - Identifying work patterns. - Workshop. - Report summary. - Presentation of results.. STEP 3. CREATE A VISION - Conversations/interviews/discussions between customer and Kinnarps. STEP 4. INTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTION - Presentation of interior design solution based on the analysis and vision. STEP 5. DELIVERY, INSTALLATION & FOLLOW-UP - Follow-up after 3 months - Follow-up after 6 months. 12You decide how you want your workplace to look - we have the tools to help you. Welcome to contact Kinnarps!


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