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Guide to Step Map


  • 1. We are going to create a map, using the STEP MAP web tool...
    Map of Iceland made by Alan Parkinson, using StepMap

2. Visit http://www.stepmap.comand choose PICK REGION
3. Default setting is the USA... Change the continent
4. Within the continent, you can choose the country or sub-region that you want for your base map...
5. Choose & modify map style...
6. Your own maps can be uploaded...
Local shopping centres or precincts
Locations for fieldwork
School campus plan
7. Edit the borders and other properties to customise the map to suit its eventual usage and/or destination...
8. e.g. outline / background...
9. Locations and icons can now be added.. There is a range of symbols that can be added....
10. Media files can be added to the locations so the maps can also hold images / videos / sounds etc.
11. Images can be used within the map as the background....Select and upload appropriately...
12. The map can then be made available in various ways...Can be made Public or Private
13. Avery useful website


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