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    CHURCH DIRECTORY We have NEW DATES! Church Directory pictures will be taken Monday, July 6—Saturday, July 11, 2020. If someone from Universal Church Directory has not contacted you by phone to reschedule your appointment, feel free to schedule a new date online. If you have not signed up your family yet, please do so today! Questions or need help scheduling your time slot, call Margie at c. 517-974-0259. To schedule your time, visit: Enter Church Code: mi1452 Password: photos

    Church Code and Password are case sensitive. Online scheduling not open on Sundays.

    Next Weekend

    Next Saturday, the Pentecost Vigil Mass (May 30) will

    be celebrated in private. The Vigil will be restricted to

    those coming into the Church and their families and


    On Sunday, May 31 we will resume our normal parish

    Mass schedule for weekends and daily Mass. So next

    Sunday Masses will be at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

    Weekday Masses will be M-F at 12:05 p.m., Tuesday at

    5:15p.m., and Saturday at 8:00 a.m. We will have the

    pews roped off (every other one) and people are expected

    to take precautions.

    We are only supposed to operate at about 20 percent

    capacity. On weekdays that is not a problem. On

    weekends we will do our best to accommodate everyone

    who comes, but if we are too full we may have to turn a

    few folks away. We are going to have to play a little of

    this by ear.

    If you are elderly or immune compromised you are

    expected to stay home. Please be wise about your own

    health. The bishop has granted a dispensation from the

    Sunday obligation to attend Mass until the end of July. I

    know many of you miss the Eucharist and the

    community, but maybe a couple of more weeks at home

    might not be a bad idea.

    We have spent half of Lent and all of the Easter season

    away from one another and praying in new ways. Pray

    for a new encounter with the Holy Spirit that will carry

    you and the rest of the Church forward into our new

    world situations. God is still doing good things and has

    plans for us all. May you know the gift of God always

    opening up new places in your hearts and lives to where

    He can live and work.

    Memorial Day

    It does not feel like it should be the start of summer, but

    here it is. All of our quarantines have certainly thrown

    off more than one schedule. I hope we can get back to

    some sense of actually being with each other soon.

    Monday, being Memorial Day, I would like to

    recommend a visit your local cemetery and pray for our

    fallen men and women who have served our country. It

    is an outdoor activity, plenty of space for social

    distancing, and a holy endeavor to pray for the dead who

    have protected and served us.

    You are in my prayers. Fr. Karl Pung

    DONATIONS AND ONLINE GIVING Thank you to those who have been mailing in envelopes and weekly donations. For those of you who wish to make a donation online, please visit our parish website at or us the direct link below:

    OFFICE OPEN PART-TIME Please be patient with us as we slowly begin to open our offices. We ask that you continue to follow the rules for social distancing and to wear a face mask upon entering the office. For the safety of our staff members and oth- ers, please do not come in to the office if you are feeling sick or are immune compromised. Any business that can be done over the phone should be done over the phone. If you call the office and leave a voicemail mes- sage, please be patient with staff members, as they may not be able to check those messages, from an offsite location, very easily or often. If there is an emergency or you need to speak with Fr. Karl, leave a message on his voicemail ext. 315 or dial 517-484-5332. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    View this bulletin online at


    Monday, May 25 9:00am +Dave Smith Tuesday, May 26 +Mary Jo Mercer Wednesday, May 27 +Sheila Broderick Thursday, May 28 Special Intention Friday, May 29 Priests of the Diocese of Lansing Saturday, May 30 +Mike Stump Sunday, May 31 8:30 People of the Parish 11:00 Souls in Purgatory

    May 31, 2020 +Pentecost+

    Acts 2: 1-11 1 Corinthians 12: 3b-7, 12-13

    John 20: 19-23

    The Sanctuary candle burns this week in church

    In Honor of Mary Brimacombe

    WEEKLY SCRIPTURE READING (Chapters, not verses)

    Last week (May 17) Judges 1-12 This week (May 24) Judges 13-21

    Next week (May 31) Ruth 1-4 & Song of Songs 1-8

    NO Weekly Collection numbers

    available at this time.

    The Psalms: A Brief Introduction

    This is the fourth article in a series about the role of sacred

    music in Liturgy. This week we look at the psalms.

    The psalms have been an important part of Jewish and

    Christian worship throughout history. They are a collec-

    tion of 150 hymns originally used in Jewish temple wor-

    ship. Later, they became part of the Old Testament.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes the

    psalms as prayers that best illustrate how God calls each

    person into a mysterious encounter with Him . (2591) The

    psalms are found during the Mass in the Liturgy of the

    Word, in morning and evening prayer, and in other prayer

    services. Psalm texts are also referenced or paraphrased in

    many hymns.

    Taken as a whole, the psalms represent a wide variety of

    emotions from anger, frustration, despair, and lament, to

    confidence, praise, and thanksgiving. The psalms inspire

    us to voice our own deepest feelings and aspirations.

    St. Augustine taught: "If the psalm prays, pray. If it la-

    ments, lament. If it rejoices, rejoice. If it hopes, hope. If it

    fears, fear. For everything which is written here is a re-

    flection of us." (Enarrationes in Psalmos)

    Over the three-year church cycle, we encounter a majority

    of the psalms and their themes in the Responsorial Psalm,

    which appears after the first reading in the Liturgy of the

    Word. It responds to the reading and is typically sung in

    alternation between the cantor/psalmist and the assembly.

    The repeated line, which the cantor/psalmist intones and

    the assembly repeats, is called an “antiphon.” This musi-

    cal text unites us as we pray and proclaim the psalms.

    The next time you sing or read a psalm, see what you no-

    tice. For example, Psalm 23 is the widest known and

    memorized of the psalms. Although it is used periodically

    during the church year, it is most commonly heard at fu-

    nerals. This psalm states: The Lord is my Shepherd, there

    is nothing I shall want. It is a comforting message remind-

    ing the faithful that the Lord will take care of us.

    Stay safe and well.

    Tim Costigan

    Director of Music

    View this bulletin online at

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