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<ul><li> 1. martes el 17 de abrilEl objetivo: to recap how to form thepresent tense for AR verbs in Spanish </li> <li> 2. martes el 17 de abrilAn AR verb is just a verb which ends in AR </li> <li> 3. martes el 17 de abrilChoose your verbe.g. cantar which means to sing </li> <li> 4. martes el 17 de abril Take off the AR soyou are left with the stem cant </li> <li> 5. martes el 17 de abrilAdd the following endings depending on which person you are talking about: Io You (singular) as He/she a We amos You (plural) is They - an </li> <li> 6. martes el 17 de abrilCANTAR TO SING I sing cantoYou (singular) sing cantas He/she sings canta We sing cantamos You (plural) sing cantis They sing - cantan </li> </ul>


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