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1. martes el 17 de abrilEl objetivo: to recap how to form thepresent tense for AR verbs in Spanish 2. martes el 17 de abrilAn AR verb is just a verb which ends in AR 3. martes el 17 de abrilChoose your verbe.g. cantar which means to sing 4. martes el 17 de abril Take off the AR soyou are left with the stem cant 5. martes el 17 de abrilAdd the following endings depending on which person you are talking about: Io You (singular) as He/she a We amos You (plural) is They - an 6. martes el 17 de abrilCANTAR TO SING I sing cantoYou (singular) sing cantas He/she sings canta We sing cantamos You (plural) sing cantis They sing - cantan