Six Figure Blogging - Six Figure Affiliate Figure Blogging 2 Zac Johnson Table of Contents Introduction to Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ..... 4 About the Author Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

Download Six Figure Blogging - Six Figure Affiliate   Figure Blogging 2 Zac Johnson Table of Contents Introduction to Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ..... 4 About the Author  Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

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<ul><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson2</p><p>Table of ContentsIntroduction to Six Figure Affiliate Blogging .............. 4About the Author &amp; Six Figure Affiliate Blogging</p><p>My 12 Month Case Study to Profits</p><p>The Concept of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging</p><p>Introduction to Affiliate Marketing ........................... 8What is Affiliate Marketing?</p><p>How Affiliate Marketing Works</p><p>Understanding Affiliate Pay Structures</p><p>Using Affiliate Networks to Make Money</p><p>Blogging Game Plan .............................................14Choosing Your Blog Topic?</p><p>How to Find a Profitable Blog Topic</p><p>Going Live With Your Blog ......................................20Setting Up Your First Blog &amp; Web Hosting</p><p>Why You Need a Custom Blog Theme</p><p>Standing Out from the Crowd</p><p>Proven Methods for Free Traffic Generation</p><p>Proven Methods for Paid Traffic Generation</p><p>Killer Content is Still King</p><p>Making Your Blog Profitable ..................................35How Bloggers Make Money from Blogging</p><p>Top Earning Blogs</p><p>Real Life Blogging Examples</p><p>Finding Advertisers for Your Blog</p><p>Breakdown of a Profitable Niche Blog</p><p>How was Redesigned</p><p>Using Wordpress for Lead Generation</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson3</p><p>Blog Monetization Tips .........................................53Understanding How Readers View Your Blog</p><p>Convert New Readers into a Mailing List</p><p>Improve Ad Sales with a Blog Media Kit</p><p>Grow a Twitter Following While You Sleep</p><p>Taking Your Blog to the Next Level ..........................58Replicating the Process</p><p>Outsourcing Your Blog Content</p><p>Creating Your Own Product</p><p>Buying and Selling Established Blogs</p><p>BONUS: Six Figure Blogging Interviews ...................64JEREMY SCHOEMAKER of SHOEMONEY.COM</p><p>GARY VAYNERCHUK of WINELIBRARY.COM</p><p>DANIEL SCOCCO of DAILYBLOGTIPS.COM</p><p>JOHN CHOW of JOHNCHOW.COM</p><p>ADII PIENAAR of WOOTHEMES.COM</p><p>JOSH MULLINEAUX of UNIQUEBLOGDESIGNS.COM</p><p>BRIAN CLARK of COPYBLOGGER.COM</p><p>TIMOTHY SYKES of TIMOTHYSYKES.COM</p><p>AL CALRTON of COOLEST-GADGETS.COM</p><p>DAVID KLEIN of PURPOSEINC.COM</p><p>JOEL COMM OF JOELCOMM.COM</p><p>NEIL PATEL OF QUICKSPROUT.COM</p><p>SHAWN COLLINS OF AFFILIATETIP.COM</p><p>JONATHAN VOLK OF JONATHANVOLK.COM</p><p>IAN FERNANDO OF IANFERNANDO.COM</p><p>DAN SCHAWBEL OF PERSONALBRANDING.COM</p><p>JIM KUKRAL OF JIMKUKRAL.COM</p><p>MARKO SARIC OF HOWTOMAKEMYBLOG.COM</p><p>SYED BALKHI OF WPBEGINNER.COM</p><p>MURRAY NEWLANDS OF MURRAY NEWLANDS.COM</p><p>GIDEON SHALWICK OF GIDEONSHALWICK.COM</p><p>YARO STARAK OF ENTREPRENEURS-JOURNEY.COM</p><p>DAVID RISLEY OF DAVIDRISLEY.COM</p><p>CARL OCAB OF CARLOCAB.COM</p><p>MICHAEL DUNLOP OF RETIREAT21.COM</p><p>BONUS: Resource Directory ................................. 135</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson</p><p>iIntroductionto Six FigureAffiliate Blogging</p><p>Introduction to Six Figure Affiliate Blogging</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson5</p><p>About the Author &amp; Six Figure Affiliate BloggingMy name is Zac Johnson and Ive been an affiliate marketer for nearly 15 years. I first started when I was in high school, pushing traffic and sales to, and quickly found myself in the affiliate marketing industry. There are a lot of affiliate guides floating around, so I decided to create a guide with a different perspective, using affiliate marketing in conjunction with a blog to generate over $100,000 a year in sales and commissions.</p><p>While Ive been making a living for almost 15 years as an internet marketer, I started blogging less than 3 years ago. I started my own blog at to share my stories, spread awareness and talk about what I love doing... making money online and teaching others to do the same. This How to be the Next Six Figure Affiliate Blogger guide isnt about creating a blog on affiliate marketing, or getting lost in the make money online get rich schemes. Instead, its about finding a blogging niche and using affiliate marketing to generate revenue from that blog.</p><p>Lets talk some numbers. When I first started, I never planned for it to explode and become another six figure a year project, but with massive work, branding and dedication to the site, it became just that. My bread and butter is still in the affiliate marketing game. Through this free guide, I hope to inform you about both affiliate marketing and blogging... taking them both to the next level and give you a winning business model. </p><p>If you are to walk away with anything from this guide, you must understand that if your business is online, you can work virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. No longer are you limited to hourly wages and a 5 day work week. With the winning combination of affiliate marketing and a successful blog, you can be earning money 365 days a year. Remember, it only takes $273.97 per day to make an extra $100,000 per year. Dont quit your day job just yet... but how hard would it be for you to invest your time and efforts to make an extra $28 a day ($10,000 extra a year)... while building up a small business on the side?</p><p>Get ready... Im about to walk you through the process of how I brought from a blank page domain name sitting around for a while, to a six figure a year blog and how you can do the same.</p><p>Author, Zac Johnson</p><p>Years Online: 15</p><p>Years Blogging: 3</p><p>Blogging Income: &gt;$100k</p><p>WWW:</p><p></p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson6</p><p>My 12 Month Case Study to ProfitsWhen I first went live with my blog at, I decided to go with a very clean design and had no on site advertising. The beginning months of your blog are important for building up readership and focusing on content. For the first few months, there wasnt much traffic to the blog, so there was no point in trying to find advertisers for the site. Instead I concentrated on building up readership, authority and my branding.</p><p>The blog went live in March 2007, but I didnt start trying to make a profit with the site until December 2007. It was in Dec 07, when I decided to launch a 12 month case study on the blogs revenue performance. The first month, in which the blog went profitable, it earned $1,261.81. Before the end of the 12 month case study, the blog was already topping over $6,000 a month and is now earning over six figures a year today.</p><p>A full break down of revenue earned during that 12 month case study is shown below. From December 2007 through November 2008, the blog made over $48,000 in profit and I had spent less than a few hundred dollars on small ad testing to bring in new traffic. Web hosting costs also werent an issue, as I was hosting several of my other sites on the same server.</p><p>The main sources of revenue for the blog were from on site advertising and network referrals. You can view each months full report and breakdown in my Blog Earnings section on</p><p> 12 Month Case Study ReportDecember 2007 - November 2008</p><p>Total Earnings: $48,759.78</p><p>$-</p><p>$1,000.00</p><p>$2,000.00</p><p>$3,000.00</p><p>$4,000.00</p><p>$5,000.00</p><p>$6,000.00</p><p>$7,000.00</p><p>Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep-08 Oct-08 Nov-08</p><p></p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson7</p><p>The Concept of Six Figure Affiliate BloggingEveryone wants to live the American dream, and become a millionaire! Thats how it used to be now people are just looking for a job and want some financial stability. I created this guide book not only to help newbie bloggers, affiliate marketers, and </p><p>established entrepreneurs, but also for anyone who never fully understood the power of blogging and how to many money online.</p><p>Through this guide, you will learn everything from how to setup your own blog, to putting your established blog on autopilot and creating a new revenue stream that brings in money month after month. I will also be covering the basics of affiliate marketing, which will be the backbone to your blogs revenue.</p><p>When you see read the title of this guide and see Six Figure mentioned, this may blow some of you away and think it would never be possible for you. Instead of looking at the big number, break this down. There are 365 days in a year, and your blog will be working for you every day of the year. This means your blog would only need to generate $273.97 per day to be making $100,000 a year. </p><p>Depending on where you are currently at, becoming a six figure blogger isnt youre your immediate goal should be. Yes, it is possible to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, or even create a new six figure revenue source but not without immediate action and dedication! Blogging is one of the slowest and hardest methods for generating money online, but at the same time it also has very low start up costs and if built correctly, can become of the most stable business methods around. </p><p>Whether you are a newbie, or experiences online marketer, this guide has something for everyone and hopefully inspires you to become the next Six Figure Affiliate Blogger!</p><p>Through this guide, you will learn everything from how to setup your own blog, to putting your established blog on autopilot and creating a new revenue stream that brings in money month after month.</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson</p><p>1Introductionto Affiliate Marketing</p><p>Introduction to Affiliate Marketing</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson9</p><p>What is Affiliate Marketing?Without affiliate marketing, my blogging success would not have been possible. When I first started making money online, it was through earning commissions on and sending new visitors to their site. Back in the day, when I referred a customer to Amazon and they made a purchase, I would then earn a commission on that sale. Jump ahead to 2010 and affiliate marketing has expanded like crazy and is making more people more money than ever.</p><p>With over a decade of experience, stories of success/failures and a passion for affiliate marketing, that became my gateway into starting my own blog. Without the passion and interest for writing about my blog topic, I would have had a much harder time becoming a prominent voice in this industry, and the blog would have probably failed.</p><p>In short, affiliate marketing is the backbone of how many successful blogs and businesses make money online. This guide was created for the use of both blogging and affiliate marketing. Before jumping into creating your own blog, you must first understand the basics of affiliate marketing. </p><p>How Affiliate Marketing WorksIn the past how did companies measure return on investment for their advertising methods, such as billboard advertising and TV commercials? It wasnt easy. No longer are companies putting all of their advertising dollars towards billboards, print and television and just hoping for results. Companies have now been turning their advertising budget towards affiliate marketing and the internet. With affiliate marketing everything is tracked, companies can tell exactly what the return on their advertising investment is. Who bought what when, where, how and sometimes even why.</p><p>In short, affiliate marketing is the backbone of how many successful blogs and businesses make money online.</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson10</p><p>The diagram shown below explains how affiliate marketing works among the customer, affiliate and seller (often referred to as merchant).</p><p>Lets use a popular online book stores affiliate program as an example. As a blog owner, I write a review about a wonderful book I just read. I can either place a link in my review directly linking someone to the book seller, in which case they (the book seller) receives full credit for the sale, or I could join their affiliate program (if they have one) and become an affiliate of the book seller. As an affiliate, you would earn a commission on all referred sales or actions taking place on the merchants site.</p><p>Once approved by the merchant, I can now log into my affiliate area and generate an affiliate link to any product on their site. Instead of direct linking to the online book store, if someone visits my site, clicks on my affiliate and makes a purchase, I would earn a commission on that sale.</p><p>With affiliate marketing, you never have to handle any orders, deal with customer support or billing, and most importantly there is no inventory. Everything is tracked online and as an affiliate, you are paid weekly or monthly depending on your preferred affiliate program or network. While maybe over simplified a bit, this is why affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to run a business and how anyone can start making money online without needing to spend thousands of dollars on staff, inventory or even an office.</p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson11</p><p>Understanding Affiliate Pay StructuresAmazon.coms associate program is one of the worlds first, largest and most successful programs of its kind. Not only did it help build into the company it is today, but it paved the way for others to realize the power of affiliate marketing.</p><p>Earning commissions on the sale of a product (Pay Per Sale) is just one way to earn money using affiliate programs. The majority of affiliate programs are broken down into three categories; Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Click.</p><p> Pay Per Lead: This is what affiliate marketing is all about, being paid for an action. Most programs fall into this category as it means being compensated for an action taking place on the advertisers site. This can be anything from taking a survey, or filling out a form request a free trial. There is no set range for commissions in the cost per action (CPA) market. You will see email submit offers pay out in the $1-$2 range, while there are much higher program like weight loss trials (with credit card submit), that pay in the $40-$60 action range.</p><p> Pay Per Sale: Much like Cost Per Action, but more targeted towards sales and purchases. A Cost Per Sale method of advertising usually pays a set price, or a percentage of final purchase. Amazon.coms associate program can be considered Cost Per Sale, as you will only earn a percentage (commission) on every purchase referred to their site.</p><p> Pay Per Click: The majority of affiliate programs are running on a Per Per Lead or Pay Per Sale structure. Programs using a Pay Per Click method, are paying affiliates based on the number of clicks they generate for an advertiser regardless of sale. You wont find as many affiliate programs using a Pay Per Click model, as it leaves the door open for fraudulent activity and lower conversions on final sales. </p></li><li><p>Six Figure Blogging</p><p>Zac Johnson12</p><p>Using Affiliate Networks to Make MoneyIn the mid to late 1990s, there were only a handful of companies utilizing affiliate marketing. Now there are thousands. Which networks are best for you and who you should trust, is the biggest factors when joining a new affiliate network. In this section, we will breakdown the benefits of using an affiliate network, why some are better than others, and identify a few of the top performing affiliate networks in our industry.</p><p>What is an Affiliate Network?</p><p>The best way to describe an affiliate network is to think of a mediator between m...</p></li></ul>