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Andy: Welcome to our first call, for six figure blogging

Six Figure Blogging

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Six Figure Blogging Class 6 Transcript

Andy: Welcome to our final call for Six Figure Blogging. This is the terrifying

conclusion or exciting conclusion, one of those! So Darren, we wanted to finish

up with week five right?

Writing Quality Content (contd)

Darren: That is right. I think from memory we were working through the

writing quality content page.

Andy: Right.

4. Make Your Blog Scannable

Darren: For your blog and we got up to point four or five. I think we got

through make it scannable. Ill race through that a little bit but basically make it

scannable is about trying to make it visually able to be read very quickly to

communicate your main points through lists, formatting, headings. Keep in mind

here is that the limited time that people will spend on your site and so you want

to communicate quickly.

5. Use Names

Darren: Number five there is using names. This is something that Ive found to

be really important. I havent got the source of this statistic but it is one that

stuck in my mind. 28% of Google searches are for product name. So 28% of

people searching Google for a particular product, an additional 9% are searching

for brand names and another 5% are searching for company names.

So if you think about it, that is like 42% percent of people are searching the

internet for names of products, companies or brands which is a significant

Six Figure Blogging

2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ v 1.0


amount if you think about how many people are using the internet. Again, add to

that the amount of people that want to search for peoples names.

Andy: Right.

Darren: And for the names of movies, for the names of sports, and for the

names of events and you actually begin to see a trend there that names are

actually vitally important as you think about your niche.

Andy: Because that is often how people think is in what they already know. They

may not know how to phrase the question to get the search results but they know

what brand names or book titles or movie names or celebrities that are around

the topic.

Darren: That is vitally important. One that you put those names in your content

but even more so like we talked about last week in your title. I would actually

recommend that if you are going to write a post about a particular title then that

particular name of a product then actually just the name of that product is the

most effective way of getting picked up in search engines rather than the cryptic

titles that we were talking about last week.

If I am writing about a Canon E820D camera, then that is the first thing that Ill

have in my title. It will be right up at the top of my content as well in bold

because I know that is what people are searching for.

Theyll be searching for reviews of that. So often if it is a review of that that I am

writing, then that title Cannon E820D Review, that is very effective. I find that

most people coming to my site are actually looking for those particular names. So

you want to be predicting what people are searching for in that way.

6. One Idea Per Post

Darren: Number six there is one idea per post. This is partly about search

engine optimization. The search engines get a little bit confused when you write

one post that has three or four different ideas in it.

Six Figure Blogging

2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ v 1.0


So what I tend to do is break up my longer posts into a series of posts so that

each post in that series is on a particular idea. If I am writing about how to find

readers for your blog, I might do a series on how to find readers for your blog

rather than just one with twenty different ways of finding readers for your blog.

So if people are searching the internet for particular information within that

series, theyll find that post.

It is also important for AdSense as well. If you are running textual advertising on

your site and you have a page which has something with ten or so different ideas

in it, it will actually confuse AdSense a little bit. So I find one idea per post works

quite well.

Andy: Yes, it is that whole idea of granularity where it is not just one website but

posts which is one measure and then there are individual comments, and

individual categories. It is the whole idea of granularity of the information. It is

not just, Go to my website but that you can go to this particular permalinked

post for this particular topic.

7. Break Longer Posts Into a Series of Short Posts

Darren: That is right and the beauty, number seven there is break down your

longer posts into a series. The other part of that is that it creates anticipation

over time on your blog. So if you announce I am writing a series on Finding

Readers for Your Blog, Ill know that that is going to get people coming back to

my blog for as long as that series goes.

It will actually create some anticipation and momentum around that. I did the 31

Days to a Better Blog series in August and that created so much anticipation and

spin and buzz around the internet. I was quite amazed by it. So series of posts are

really important.

Topic: What is the Optimal Length for a Post?

Participant: What have you found is the optimal length for a typical post?

Six Figure Blogging

2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ v 1.0


Darren: I again, I think I mentioned it last week. Really I dont have any set

rules around that. I would encourage people to go for two hundred words or

more just for search engine reasons. Probably the most important is about

establishing a pattern on your blog so people come to expect the same types of

posts whether that be the length or the voice that you are writing in. I would say

over two hundred. Once you get into really long like you have to scroll down two

or three pages to get to the end of the thing, the studies show that people will

drop off as you go down. So I try and keep it probably up to a thousand words.

Most of my posts would be probably around three or four hundred word mark, I

would say.

Participant: Ok and the second, I have three questions in a row here. The

second one is how many words do you put in your RSS feed?

Darren: I do an excerpt on mine because I found that a lot of people just scrape

through my content straight on to their websites.

Andy: Right.

Darren: I actually dont know how much that excerpt is but if you looked on

Problogger RSS feed, you would be able to count it up. It is probably forty words

or so.

Andy: And depending on what tool you are using, you can also have the excerpt

field. So it is not just grabbing the first fifty words of the post body but it is

grabbing what you type in the excerpt. You can also do the ReMovable Type and

TypePad, I think.

Participant: Right, which brings up my third question which is, is it better to

have shorter on the index page but then have goes into the whole article or the

whole thing there on the index page? In other words, I use the Movable Type all

excerpt tool, that kind of question.

Six Figure Blogging

2005 Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse. All Rights Reserved. http://www.sixfigureblogging.com/ v 1.0


Darren: Yes, I tend to use the extended post feature on Movable Type and

WordPress. So if I am writing a very long article, Ill only put the first few

paragraphs on the front page.

Participant: Yes, ok. So as a rule, you have them go to two pages?

Darren: Yes, usually after two or three paragraphs depending on how long

those paragraphs are. Ideally I love people to be able to see when they come to

my site, the first two post headings.

Participant: Ok, part of the reason I ask this is as Ive gone around and looked

at the other blog networks. What Ive come to see is that everybody is writing real

short stuff. One paragraph and that is it.

Darren: I see the advantage of that and I see why they are doing that but I

personally think that if they are wanting search engines traffic, then theyll need

something longer than that to get enough content. So the search engines, I think,

they like two or three hundred words ideally.

Participant: I dont disagree with you at all. The point I have is what you get

when you pay bloggers by the post.

Darren: That is exactly right.

Participant: Ok thanks.

Andy: And then my point of view on that is that you want to get people off your

front page. If you want to think of the cold hard marketing bastard approach to

this, we either want them to click on an ad or to go further into the site and th