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  • 1. Growing a Successful InternetMarketing Consulting BusinessPresented by John LogarFounder Make Every Day a Pay Day John Logar 2013
  • 2. How did we get here We have a lot of Knowledge to share Our Internet marketing experience Products Services Word Press Courses Push button get rich quick schemes Some of you have spent the last 3 yearslearning, trying, not trying, winning and failing Looking for the next great idea, the next fix, the nextpiece of the puzzle that is going to change John Logar 2013
  • 3. You Know How To build a website, You know about affiliate marketing You know about lead capture You know about email marketing You know about SEO You know about PPC You know about Social Media You know about Mobile Marketing You know about Local Marketing You know about Video marketing You know about podcasting You know about sales copywritingYou Know a Lot of John Logar 2013
  • 4. You Can Help aLot of BusinessesWith Your Knowledge and SkillsThe Internet Marketing Consulting Business is a low cost business to start and your skillsmake it a very attractive business model.What does it cost to start your IM consulting business? You IM $10 Business Registration $99 plus Website Word Press Template Free - $100 plus Hosting account Host Gator, Bluehost, etc. $4 p/m High speed broadband connection $29 plus p/m Mobile phone iPhone, Android, Other $29 - $49 plus p/m Laptop PC $600 plus or Mac Book Pro 13 $1299 plus Business Cards from $40 plus delivered anywhere in the worldin 5 daysFor under $2000 you can set up your own professional internet marketingconsulting John Logar 2013
  • 5. YOU Dot ComNow You Have A Digital Marketing Agency Lead Generation & Conversion Consultancy SEO Consultancy Video Marketing Agency Social Media Consultancy Internet Marketing Agency Multi Media Agency Internet Marketing Strategist Design John Logar 2013
  • 6. What Business Are You In You Are in the lead generation and conversionbusinessYour Clients Want They want buying customers They want interested visitors They want a phone call They want a contact form filled in for a quote They want subscribers to sell to in the John Logar 2013
  • 7. Your Simple Plan What you do ? Who do you do it for? How you do it ? What is your goal? What needs to happen? What is your methodology? John Logar 2013
  • 8. What Services do you provide? Websites SEO & SEM Video Marketing Press Release Marketing Social Media Management Reputation Management Mobile Marketing Copywriting PPC and Remarketing Graphic John Logar 2013
  • 9. Who you do it for What types of companies How much do they spend on marketing? What is the value of the customer? What size turnover do they have? How many employees do they have? Are their at least 10 20 competitors in themarket? John Logar 2013
  • 10. How do you do what you do You develop a lead generation and conversionstrategy You have a partnership with quality suppliers( Outsourced providers) You implement the strategy You monitor the results Manage the clients John Logar 2013
  • 11. What is your goal How many clients? What are they paying you? What is your target monthly turnover? What is your average sale? John Logar 2013
  • 12. What needs to happen? How many prospects per month How many presentations What is your basic methodologyThats the basis of your John Logar 2013
  • 13. Selecting a Niche Market Turnover? 2M 10M How many employees 10 50 Marketing Spend 100K 500K Top of the small and middle market company High Value Customers Businesses that are targeting high value John Logar 2013
  • 14. Where to find them Google Publications, Journals, Magazines, e.g. BRW Tradeshows Industry associations High end conferences and events Industry specific forums Social John Logar 2013
  • 15. 31 Hot Niche Markets Medical make over market IT software, hardware Communications High End Retail High End Manufacturing Digital Print Industry Construction & Design Accounting, Financial Planners, Law Firms Industrial Design Luxury Market Brands Trades, Plumbers, Builders, Developers, Electricians, Shop Fitters Pet Industry product suppliers Architects Green Construction Solar Industry Printing, High end 3D printing Luxury Kitchens & Bathroom industry Equipment Hire Commercial Developer Training companies Educational Institutions, Independent Universities & colleges e.g. Design Colleges, Computer Training Colleges Fashion houses. Boutique Brewing & Alcohol manufacturers Health services technology Education Technology Specialist Recruitment Retail and online merchandising Telecommunications, Satellite, Wireless, John Logar 2013
  • 16. What you need to do? You need to identify 10 to 20 prospects in themarket Do some industry research Develop a contact strategy Create a simple report or information piecethat has a high perceived value that istargeted and customised for the niche Connect with the market and implement yoursales John Logar 2013
  • 17. Sales Process1. Build your list2. Make contact send an eye opener3. Follow up4. Set up a strategy session (consultation)5. Do your client research and find out what theywant to do, what they want to achieve6. Go in with a plan in mind7. Share your implementation plan8. Offer to John Logar 2013
  • 18. John Logar 2013
  • 19. Must Read Booksfor any IM consultant Getting Everything You Can Out of All Youve Got Jay Influence: The Psychology of PersuasionRobert B Cialdini Million Dollar ConsultingAlan Weiss Spin Selling Neil Rackham My Life In Advertising Claude Hopkins Tested Advertising Methods John Caples Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing RebelJohn Carlton The Ultimate sales Letter Dan S Kennedy John Logar 2013
  • 20. John Logar 2013If youd like to build a six figureconsulting business in 90 days or less visitwww.MakEveryDayAPayDay.comIf you have a question for John Logar or would like to interview him for yourpodcast or have him speak to your group or organisation email him
  • 21. Income DisclaimerAny and all claims or representations, as to income earnings in this presentation, are not to beconsidered as average earnings. The reality is, it takes hard work to achieve these types of results a