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  • How to make a six figure income


  • How to start your own home-based business and make a high income

    How to choose a profitable, enjoyable niche or concept

    Which type of business model will make you the highest income

    Why its important to focus on high-margin products

    How to get started on a part-time basis

    How to leverage your current experience and skills

  • Specialised in the marketing of high-margin concepts over 20 years, including seminars, info-products, related services and programsHigh ticket fees, whilst delivering high valueWorked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, including start-upsExperienced 6-figure and 7-figure increasesFocus on direct response marketing methods, including on-line marketing

  • Choose a commercial niche or sectorUnderstand how the money flowsFocus on high margin products or servicesLaunch a simple websiteUse at least 2 or 3 marketing channelsBuy or generate trafficTraffic always costs time or moneyTest and refine conversion processSimple strategy and income model

  • Keep it simpleStay focused on important tasks the key 5%Use freelancers or outsource many tasksPlenty of margin to pay for marketing, etcRepeat and scale upBe consistent, even if part-time

  • Do you enjoy the industry or sector?Like the people you deal with?Comfortable with the whole process?Would you do it long-term?For most people, passive income is a myth

  • Met Dan Pena in 1995, Guthrie CastleAgreed a handshake dealPromoted business seminars, 2k and 10kOwn small list of 600Mailshot and follow-up by phoneEnjoy talking with all types of entrepreneursNo internet, no meetings, no tools, nothing!1996: six figure income, first time

  • Jumping from one opportunity to anotherRarely check for a good matchTrying to learn too many marketing methodsToo little action takenNo sense of urgencyJust dabbling - no real commitment Being too passive, at start-up stageAlmost no direct focus on conversion process or getting revenues

  • Over 1,000 franchise companiesOver 2,500 business opportunitiesAt least 100 marketing methodsInvestment from 200 to 200,000What do you do?Which one is right for you?

  • Affiliate marketingSEO, PPC, AdwordsList building, sending out offersBanner advertisingSocial media marketing Blogging, article writing, ebooksDirect mail, postcard marketingSales copy, landing pages, videosMost people are overwhelmed!

  • An industry you know aboutOr enjoy investing time and energy intoHave some related skills, abilities or strengthsWorth tens of millions Competing companies and websitesWide range of pricing 50 to 2okGood volume of transactionsPossible agent, broker or related role?Focus on high margin, higher pricing

  • 25 years in education sectorHer future: headmaster roleAlso passed law examsLimited interest in being a lawyerWants internet-based businessLaunched an enquiry generation serviceAll on-line, targeting law firmsWill focus on larger cases 2k and higherReceives 10% to 15% of case value

  • Has had a person training businessLinear income just gets paid for his timeUnderstands and loves property sectorHelped him identify a new niche:Property buyers brokerGets paid a % from affluent buyersProperties worth 500k or more

  • Short learning curvePlay to your strengths and abilitiesYou get paid wellLow volume, high marginFlexible hours, time freedomEnjoy a good lifestyleNo more chasing opportunitiesLong term, strategic approachBusiness you can later sell, if interested

  • Attract incoming enquiriesConvert these profitablyProduct orders or for a serviceWith low margins, your options are limited and often very time-intensiveWith high margin wide choice of marketing channels. And customers are far nicer!

  • Focus on bespoke and customised solutionsIdentify a profitable, high-value nicheDevelop and refine conceptComplete system and process for monetisingA business built around youWell-matched, build for long termLow maintenance, lifestyle business

  • FREE coaching session, previously priced at 19720 to 30 minutes, via Skype or phoneTo identify the most lucrative commercial niche for YOU personallyA unique 5-step process, showing you how to exploit this niche or business model FREE copy of 110-page manual, MIG Just email:





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