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exposicion de ingles acerca del presente simple donde podras encontrar la gramatica, oraciones, ejemplos y mas


  • 1. The Simple Present is used to describe habitual actions that happen frequently and does not mention if it is happening at present or at the moment. Example: He works in the office.

2. Indicate modos Example: She feels sad He feels happy 3. when talking about events that are unchanged for a while I run in the park He walks his dog 4. when you have a story or a movie is counted Example: (when the director is writting) And then he kicks his friend in the head Y entonces el golpea a su amigo en la cabeza 5. I YOU HE SHE IT WE THEY REGULAR VERBS- ADD S Jump Jump Jumps Jumps Jumps Jump jump 6. He eats vegetables. Alice dances at the theatre. The dog breaks the fence. You look like my cousin I like the music of Green Day I see my girlfriend every friday 7. Libro: Gramtica del ingls Escuela de idiomas De Vecchi Autor: Robert Wilson =simple+present&hl=es- 419&sa=X&ei=58_FU4wTkIbIBP3KgeAO&ved=0CDkQ6AEwBQ#v=onep age&q=simple%20present&f=false 8. simple-present-tense.html ejemplos-de-presente-simple-en-ingles.html