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Simple Present or Present Continuous grammar



A- Put in the verbs in brackets

1- I.thirsty (to be)2- John often..sugar in the coffee (to take)3- Listen! Theyhome. (to come)4- I a teacher in Germany but this summer I as a language assistant in Rome (to work)5- hair (to have)6- The flowers.beautiful. (to smell)7- The bus to New 6.30. (to leave)8- My history teacher.too much. (to talk)9- Right now Christine.on the computer. (to work)10- Hey! (to do)

B- Turn into negative the following sentences.

1- They are using a dictionary.2- Stacey works in the library.3- She is good at sports.4- The diary is lying on the floor.5- Anne is smiling6- We are carrying a big box7- I like fish.8- They are preparing the picnic.9- My friend lives in Stockholm10- He is waiting for the bus.

C- Choose the correct verb forms.

1- This cake..wonderful.a) is tastingb) tastes

2- My father.tea for breakfast.a) Is preferringb) Prefers

3- I have to go now. dark.a)it getsb) its getting

4- with you.a) I agreeb) I am agreeing

5- He with his grandmother until his mother comes back from China.a)is livingb) lives

6- He.the newspaper at the moment.a) Is readingb) Reads

D- Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps

1- Pat concerts. (to go)2- Look! The boysto the playground. (to run)3- Every afternoon Jack..a cup of tea. (to have)4- We.a computer game at the moment (to play)5- I..a nice film now. (to watch)6- Tom never..picture postcards. (to write)7- They.from Tokyo. (to be)8- Listen! Anne and Susan.a son (to sing)9- Angels sometimesa museum (to visit)10- The cat seldom.on the sofa (to sleep)

E- Choose the correct verb forms.

1- I..from New Zealanda)amb) arec) bed) is

2- Anne and Tomfeeding the cowsa) Amb) Arec) Bed) Is3- Pat..a school bus.a) Driveb) Drives4- Our friend the supermarket.a) Gob) Goes5-Andy..washing his pullover.a) Amb) Arec) Bed) Is

6-The babycryinga) Amb) Arec) Bed) Is

7- I..preparing dinner.a) Amb) Arec) Bed) Is

8- Wedrawing a picture.a) Amb) Arec) Bed) Is9- .they walk to school?

a) Dob) Does

10- Sandy often ..her homework.a) Forgetb) Forgets

F- Turn into negative

1- Cathy forgets for her homework. 2- I collect picture postcards. ..3- They play chess in a club. .4- The dog is sitting under the tree. .5- Sam and Max live with their mother. 6- Our teacher checks the homework every day. ..7- You are having fun. 8- He is looking at a photo. ..9- I am repairing my bike. 10- She does magic tricks. .


A- Turn the verbs into Simple past.1) They work ...........................................................................................................

2) We arrive .

3) She visits.

4) You enjoy

5) I carry .

6) We cycle

7) They play

8) He tries .

9) I listen .

10) You understand

B- Form questions in the Simple Past

1) Why / Julia / to ask / questions .2) When / you / to watch / the film ..3) The cat / to run after / the dog ..4) When / Eric / to phone / his friend ..5) To be / the boys / in the sun ..6) What / he / to have / for lunch .7) How / they / to ride / their bikes .8) What / Peggy / to throw .9) Why / the teacher / to check / the computer .10) Where / your father / to repair / the kite