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  • 1. Somerset College Grade One ClassCreatures in and around the oceansCreated for Riana Boonzaier Jeddah January 2014

2. The Oceans are everywhere 3. Many animals live inside the oceans 4. These are fish. They swim in schools. 5. These are sea horses 6. This is a sea dragon. 7. These are sea anemones 8. This is an anemone with a clownfish 9. This is a starfish 10. This is an octopus 11. These are seagulls 12. These are penguins 13. These are dolphins 14. These are sea lions 15. This is a shark 16. This is a whale 17. This is a crab 18. This is a hermit crab 19. These are barnacles 20. These are sea urchins 21. These are lobsters