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camp kippy p. at home camp. ages 2-10


<ul><li><p>camp k</p><p>ippy p</p><p>.</p><p> 2012 Sea Creatures : Octopus</p></li><li><p>camp k</p><p>ippy p</p><p>.</p><p>kippy p. designs 2012 Sea Creatures: Octopus</p><p>www.kippypdesigns.com</p><p>the week</p><p>+#'.,"%$(2</p><p>%#++2/#,#-%(($ (+(($,('(-().,,</p><p>+#'.,"%$(2</p><p>(-().,</p><p>+#'.,"%$(2</p><p>*.+#.&amp;(+.2!(% #,"</p><p>+#'.,"%$(2</p><p> +.#-2(-().,</p><p>+#'.,"%$(2</p><p>(' +#'(/+-()%2 (+-"2</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday</p></li><li><p>kippy p. designs 2012 Sea Creatures: Octopus</p><p>www.kippypdesigns.com</p><p>prep: Shop: Shop:</p><p>Cook List!+'))%!+'!+),'#"("#),+#,#','#&amp;+,"&amp;%%(0,$'# </p><p>PREP</p><p>for this Week)+).'2'#!"-</p><p>(+('2</p><p> )(1(+,$- (+2(.+0$').%%/+2-"#'!2(.%+2"/ (+-"-#/-,-"'+(,,( 2(.+,"())#'!%#,-</p><p>/-"$#,"%)</p><p> +#'-%%,"-,-&amp;)%-,)%#'-",$-</p><p> +#'.,"&amp;$2(.+0$%2%,,(')%',</p><p>Craft List))+-(0%+(%%,(',-+.-#('))+!((!%22,+(.'(%(+,-#$+(-,+.%+,#,,(+,)'#%-+',)+'--)</p></li><li><p>kippy p. designs 2012 Sea Creatures: Octopus</p><p>www.kippypdesigns.comSources:http://craftday.blogspot.com/2007/08/paper-octopus.html</p><p>Ingredients2 biscuits per personcinnamon sugar raisins</p><p>1. Start with 2 biscuits.2. Cut across one of the biscuits like you </p><p>see in the picture. Don't cut in the center of the biscuit.</p><p>3. Cut the other side of the biscuit leaving a strip in the center.</p><p>4. Add the two round pieces to the sides of the whole biscuit - to make the ears.</p><p>5. Add the straight piece to the whole biscuit - to make the trunk of the elephant.</p><p>6. Sprinkle your elephant head with cinnamon sugar.</p><p>7. Add 2 raisins for your elephant's eyes.8. Bake them according to the directions on </p><p>the package of biscuits.9. Eat and enjoy! </p><p>2. Place the paper-towel roll at one end of the construction paper. Use a pencil to mark the distance from the end and then rule a line to mark the margin </p><p>1. Cut paper towel roll, apx 4in. and select the color of construction paper for your octopus.</p><p>Octopus</p><p>4. Cut these lines right up until the margin previously drawn of the left hand side (the pencil in the photograph below is only there to show you that the paper has been cut up to, but not including, the </p><p>5. Curl the octopus legs by wrapping a thick marker and rolling the slits of paper upwards.</p><p>CRAFT</p><p>6. &amp; 7. Complete octopus by taping a round, cut piece of paper at the top opening. Add eyes and sound stickers for the tentacles.</p><p>3. Mark 7 equidistant lines (to make eight strips) along the length of the paper, from the right edge up to the margin previously drawn on the left hand side.</p></li><li><p>kippy p. designs 2012 Sea Creatures: Octopus</p><p>Sources:http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2011/06/octopus-fruit-snack.html www.kippypdesigns.com</p><p>COOK</p><p>Ingredientsgreen applegreen grapesraisins or mini choc chipsmini marshmallowspb</p><p>1. Cut a section of the apple off to prevent it from rolling and place the cut side down on the plate.2. Cut grapes in half and place as arms.3. Cut the other side of the biscuit </p><p>leaving a strip in the center.4. Cut mini marshmallow in half and </p><p>attach to apple with pb for the eyes.5. Use the raisin or mini choclate chips </p><p>for the other part of the eyes and mouth.</p></li></ul>