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R/V Mirai Cruise Report


WOCE-revisit in the eastern Indian Ocean

23rd December 2015 25th January 2016

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology


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CAS No. 7757-91-1

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CAS No. 7757-79-1

94 1N H2SO4 1M H2SO4


I. Introduction

II. Observation

1. Cruise Information 2. Underway Measurements

2.1 Navigation

2.2 Swath Bathymetry

2.3 Surface Meteorological Observation

2.4 Thermo-Salinograph and Related Measurements

2.5 Surface pCO2

2.6 Ceilometer

2.7 Surface CO2 fluxes

2.8 Radars and Disdrometers

2.9 Aerosol optical characteristics measured by Ship-borne Sky radiometer

2.10 Aerosol and gases

2.11 Sea surface gravity

2.12 Sea Surface Magnetic Field

2.13 Satellite image acquisition

3. Station Observation 3.1 CTDO2 Measurements

3.2 Bottle Salinity

3.3 Density

3.4 Oxygen

3.5 Nutrients

3.6 Chlorofluorocarbons and Sulfur hexafluoride

3.7 Carbon items

3.8 Calcium and Total alkalinity 2

3.9 Dissolved organic carbon and total dissolved nitrogen

3.10 Chlorophyll a

3.11 Absorption coefficients of particulate matter and colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)

3.12 Bio-sampling

3.13 Carbon isotopes



3.14 Radioactive Cesium

3.15 Stable Isotopes of Water

3.16 Primary productivity

3.17 Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

3.18 XCTD

3.19 Micro Rider

4. Floats, Drifters and Moorings 4.1 Argo floats

III. Notice on Using



I. Introduction

Indonesian Throughflow is a surface component of the global ocean circulation, which transports fresh Pacific

upper water masses into the north Indian Ocean with strong modification from the air-sea interaction and tidal

mixing. Paucity of observation data in this part of the world ocean has always been a restriction in understanding

global climate change and air-sea coupling a problem shared amongst emerging international programmes such

as Eastern Indian Ocean Upwelling Research Initiative. The main purpose of this cruise is to measure the

distribution of water properties (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, carbon, nutrients, etc.) in this important

ocean. This is a contribution to International Indian Ocean Expedition 2 and conducted under the Global Ocean

Ship-based Hydrographic Investigation Programme (GO-SHIP http://www.go-ship.org).

II. Observation



1. Cruise Information Katsuro Katsumata (JAMSTEC)

Akihiko Murata (JAMSTEC)

1.1. Basic Information

Title of the cruise Research cruise on ocean decadal variability -- Indian Ocean GO-SHIP (Global Ocean

Ship-based Hydrographic Investigation Program)

Cruise track: See Fig. 1.1.1

Research area The northeastern Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean

Cruise code: MR15-05

Expocode Leg 1: 49NZ20151223

Leg 2: 49NZ20160113

GHPO section designation: I10

Ship name: R/V Mirai

Ports of call: Leg 1, Jakarta, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia

Leg 2, Bali, Indonesia Yokohama, Japan

Cruise date: Leg 1, 23 December 2015 11 January 2016

Leg 2, 13 January 2016 25 January 2016

Chief scientists: Leg 1, Katsuro Katsumata (k.katsumata@jamstec.go.jp)

Leg 2, Akihiko Murata (murataa@jamstec.go.jp)

Ocean Climate Change Research Program

Research and Development Centre for Global Change (RIGC)

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan 237-0061

Fax: +81-46-867-9835



Piggyback projects

(1) Aerosol optical characteristics measured by ship-borne Sky radiometer (Toyama University)

(2) Geochemical and microbiological investigation from sea surface to sea bottom at tropical eutrophic ocean

(JAMSTEC, University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Rakuno Gakuen University,


(3) Advanced measurements of aerosols in the marine atmosphere: Toward elucidation of interactions with climate

and ecosystem (JAMSTEC)

(4) Global distribution of drop size distribution of precipitating particles over pure-oceanic background


(5) Shipboard CO2 observations over the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean for a simple estimation of the carbon flux

between the ocean and the atmosphere from GOSAT data (JAXA)

Principal investigators of the piggyback projects: Kazuma Aoki (University of Toyama)

Takuro Nunoura (JAMSTEC)

Yugo Kanaya (JAMSTEC)

Masaki Katsumata (JAMSTEC)

Kei Shiomi (JAXA)

Number of Stations: Leg 1, 53 stations

Leg 2, none

Floats and drifters deployed: 16 Argo floats (Leg 1), 1 Argo float (Leg 2)

Mooring recovery : none



Fig. 1.1.1 MR15-05 cruise. Blue circles show the deployment position of Argo floats. Red dots show CTD/bottle

sampling stations.



Fig. 1.1.2 Water sampling positions.

1.2. Cruise Participants

List of Participants for leg 1

Katsuro Katsumata Chief scientist RCGC/JAMSTEC

Yuichiro Kumamoto DO/Sampling chief RCGC/JAMSTEC

Hiroshi Uchida Thermosalinograph/Salinity RCGC/JAMSTEC

Kenichi Sasaki CFCs MIO/JAMSTEC

Kosei Sasaoka Chlorophyll RCGC/JAMSTEC

Etsuro Ono Calcium/total alkalinity RCGC/JAMSTEC

Kazuhiko Matsumoto Primary productivity DEGCR/JAMSTEC

Taichi Yokokawa Biological sampling RDCMB/JAMSTEC

Chisato Yoshikawa Biological sampling DB/JAMSTEC

Shotoku Kotajima Biological sampling TUAC

Kanta Chida Biological sampling Rakuno Gakuen University



Harun Idham Akbar Water sampling BPPT

Gentio Harusono Security Officer Indonesian Navy

Hiroshi Matsumaga Chief technician/Sampling chief MWJ

Shinsuke Toyoda CTD MWJ

Hiroki Ushiromura Salinity MWJ

Syungo Oshitani CTD MWJ

Sonoka Wakatsuki Salinity MWJ

Keisuke Takeda CTD MWJ

Minoru Kamata Nutrients MWJ

Tomonori Watai pH/total alkalinity MWJ

Makoto Takada DIC MWJ

Elena Hayashi Nutrients MWJ

Atsushi Ono DIC MWJ

Tomomi Sone Nutrients MWJ

Katsunori Sagishima CFCs MWJ

Hironori Sato CFCs MWJ

Misato Kuwahara DO MWJ

Masahiro Orui DO MWJ

Keitaro Matsumoto DO MWJ

Hiroshi Hoshino CFCs MWJ

Haruka Tamada DO MWJ

Hiroyuki Hayashi CTD MWJ

Kanako Yoshida pH/total alkalinity MWJ

Kohei Miura Nutrients MWJ

Seika Katayama Water sampling MWJ

Naoya Yokoi Water sampling MWJ

Kohei Kumagai Water sampling MWJ

Naoya Kudo Water sampling MWJ

Eri Yoshizawa Water sampling MWJ

Kei Takamiya Water sampling MWJ

Wataru Tokunaga Chief technician/meterology/geophysics/XCTD GODI

Yutaro Murakami Meteorlology/geophysics/XCTD GODI

Tetsuya Kai Meteorology/geophysics/XCTD GODI



List of Participants for leg 2

Akihiko Murata Chief scientist RCGC/JAMSTEC

Kousei Sasaoka Engineer RCGC/JAMSTEC

Minoru Kamata Chief marine technician MWJ

Sinsuke Toyota Marine technician MWJ

Tomonori Watai Marin technician MWJ

Syungo Oshitani Marine technician MWJ

Sonoka Wakatsuki Marine technician MWJ

Tomonori Watai Marine technician MWJ

Makoto Takada Marine technician MWJ

Elena Hayashi Maine technician MWJ

Atsushi Ono Maine technician MWJ

Katsunori Sagishima Marine technician MWJ

Masahiro Oorui Marine technician MWJ

Keitaro Matsumoto Marine technician MWJ

Koichi Inagaki Chief technician/meteorology/geophysics GODI

Yutaro Murakami Meteorology/geophysics GODI

BPPT: Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (Agency for the Assessment and Application of

Technology of the Republic of Indonesia)

DB: Department of Biogeochemistry

DEGCR: Department of Environmental Geochemical Cycle Research

GODI: Global Ocean Development Inc.

MWJ: Marine Works Japan

MIO: Mutsu Institute for Oceanography

RCGC: Research and Development Center for Global Change

RDCMB: Research and Development Center for Marine Biosciences

TUAT: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

2. Underway Measurements 2.1 Navigation (1) Personnel

Katsuro Katsumata JAMSTEC: Principal investigator - leg1 - Akihiko Murata JAMSTEC: Principal investigator - leg2 - Wataru Tokunaga Global Ocean Development Inc., (GODI) - leg1 - Tetsuya Kai GODI - leg1 - Koichi Inagaki GODI - leg2 - Yutaro Murakami GODI - leg1, leg2 - Ryo Kimura MIRAI crew - leg1 - Masanori Murakami MIRAI crew - le


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