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    Rowdy McLean 2011 This Book Is Copyright.

    All Rights Reserved. Apart from fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the copyright act, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of Rowdy McLean.

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    ABOUT THE INTERVIEWERRon McLean has been known as Rowdy most of his life because he is easy going, friendly, light hearted, pragmatic, down to earth and real. Rowdy is an expert on productivity, personal growth and achievement. He is the master of making things happen and getting things done and has achieved some remarkable things.

    Ultimately we all want more, more money, more time, more fun, more love, more customers. Rowdy has spent the last decade studying the key drivers of success and achievement. He has developed a process to help individuals, teams and organisations unlock potential and play a much bigger game than they ever thought possible.

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    ABOUT THE SERIESThe Rowdy Talks series is unique and motivating series. Professional speaker and consultant Rowdy Mclean takes his hand held camera or iPhone4 every where he goes and on meeting with some of Australias most renowned experts and specialists he springs them with a quick interview.

    Rowdy endeavours and digs into how these successful players are to Play A Bigger Game in both business and in life. Rowdys open interview style and casual approach leaves these experts revealing more than they problem wanted to.

    Read, learn and be inspired!

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    Nils vesk

    Nils Vesk is an innovation expert. For the last 18 years Nils has been applying the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. His clients include the worlds fastest growing companies who use Nils as a virtual think tank and change catalyst for accelerating business growth through innovation.

    Nils takes ideas out of their hiding places - be it in bottom draws or the dark reaches of your employees minds; identifying the ideas with the most potential he gives them the right foundations, investment, development and support to succeed.

    During their interview Nils Vesk talks to Rowdy about innovation, and why we need to interrupt our habits and routine in order to Play A Bigger Game. In this interview Nils draws on his expertise and applies the concept to how you can achieve more, be more, do more and have more.

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    Stuart Cook

    Stuart Cook is the CEO of Australias fastest growing franchise (BRW) as well as one of the youngest franchise CEO. After being appointed the CEO of Zambrero fresh Mexican grill, just before his 24th birthday he has lead the company to a growth of 600% in the last 18 months now employing more than 170 people across the group. Stuart has set his sights to take Zambrero to 100 stores by 2014.

    In 2011, Zambrero was listed as the fastest growing franchise of the year in BRW. In 2010 Zambrero was the Social Responsible franchisor of the year, Mybusiness Magazines Best Retailer and the ACTs Emerging Entrepreneurial Company of the Year.

    During this interview Stuart Cook tells the story of how he came to be one of Australias youngest CEO of Australias fastest growing franchise. Stuart Cook explains to Rowdy how and why it is passion that got him to where he is today, Stuart goes on to explain how by applying this mind-set he has been able to Play A Bigger Game!

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    Alison Hill

    Alisons extraordinary listening skills literally change peoples lives. A Psychologist with a wealth of experience as a trainer, coach and mentor Alison has a passion to support people to interact with principle, influence with purpose and inspire with passion. Alisons ever present compassion, empathy and insight ensures that she works closely with individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable results.

    Alison has particular expertise in supporting, training and working HR professionals to build, polish and improve their human skills. It is Alisons personal quest to see workplaces progress from reactivity to proactivity in how they inspire those who work for them. Alison Hill is the managing director of consultant and training firm Prag-matic Thinking.

    In her explosive interview Alison Hill reveals to Rowdy why it is important to not get caught up in your own head. Drawing on her own experience of training to run a marathon Alison explains how upping the thinking, changing you thinking and in-creasing the possibility can help you Play a Bigger Game!

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    Hugh Gyton

    Hugh has been involved in conversations that matter for over 25 years in diverse cultural backgrounds around the globe for products and services that have had a price range from $2,000 to over $30million. He is the co-author of the book The Art of Conversation.

    Hughs professional conversations started in London in the computer software in-dustry. During more than a decade with his first company, he rose to senior levels, including General Manager, Comshare Australia. On being headhunted into Hong Kong he broadened his understanding of the importance of relationship over sales technique honing a more engaged, collaborative approach to leverage the cultural differences now faced.

    During his interview with Rowdy, Hugh talks about his move from the UK to Aus-tralia and how you have to learn that things are sometimes done differently in order to Play A Bigger Game! In his real life examples Hugh touches on why it is good to take yourself out of the comfort zone and why goal setting doesnt always work.

  • Video TranscriptionRowdy talks to...Nils Vesk page 8 of 21

    Rowdy: Good morning Nils, how are you today?

    Nils: Pretty good Rowdy and hi to everyone at home or in the office, wherever you might be.

    Rowdy: So this morning Im just spending some time with Nils Vesk, an innovation expert whos worked with companies right across the globe and individuals and teams, talking about innovation and how to introduce innovation into their personal lives or into their workspace.

    And so this series is all about playing a bigger game. So giving people ideas about how they can play a bigger game in their personal lives.

    So, Nils from an innovation point of view, have you got some tips and ideas about how people can use innovation to play a bigger game?

    Nils: Sure Rowdy. I wanted to share, I guess a thought that relates not just innovation, but its gener-ally around playing a bigger game. If you think of the word innovation, itself means that theres got to be change. So without change you cant have innovation. But the interesting thing about the human mind is the mind above all else seeks and craves order. It loves habits, it loves ritu-als and to interrupt that habit, to mix it up and do something different actually aggravates and agitates the mind. So, we do as much as we can to avoid change and therefore because were trying to avoid change, it avoids perhaps the opportunities that come down with innovations and also playing a bigger game.

    So a good way to think about it is systematically that we have 60 000 thoughts a day and of those 60 000 thoughts a day, about 90 percent of them are the same. Which is pretty spooky if we go into, say for example your mind Rowdy, youre always obsessed about one thing but we wont go into that right now, but thats the thing. So we get stuck into this habit and into this routine and if we want to play a bigger game, whether it is by coming up with a new innovation in sales and service, a new innovation in a product, a new innovation in a process, its just simply not going to happen unless we interrupt that habit.

    And a way of thinking about it, if you think back personally in your own life, the biggest growths that you would have made personally or professionally, would have happened after a period of some sort of chaos. Now that chaos might have been caused by a relationship issue, it might have been caused the fact that you had to learn something new, you had to go beyond your com-fort zone. And if you can imagine this chaos has actually forced you to grow and develop either again or professionally or personally. And then once youve done that, then your mind sort of goes into a state of order. You get used to it, you get complacent and then again maybe some-thing forces you to go into that chaos to get better and to learn and to go higher.

  • So if you can understand that principle that chaos actually works for you and you can keep your intention of, I want to innovate to play a bigger game. Note that theres going to be some chaos then it will take you up to that higher level of higher, brighter ideas and better results.

    Rowdy: Yes so thats fairly complex but also fairly simple Nils. So youre talking about people get caught in this comfort zone, and so its like a bit of a plateau, but to get out of that you need to shake yourself up a little bit in some way, shape or form. So, create that chaos or look for the chaos that might give you the opportunity to change and get yourself to another level where you


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