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    President’s Corner

    Here are a few highlights from the annual membership meeting for those that could not

    attend. In an effort to get a little more participation during the summer months, a relaxed dress

    code, which allows shorts and t-shirts was implemented and a fair number took advantage. In an

    effort to get a younger crowd interested in our sport, the Columbus Area 4H Shooting Sports Club

    will be using part of the range for their activities and the Katy Boy Scout troop will also have one

    of their outings at the range. Let’s hope a few of those youngsters get curious and come join our

    fun. We will also be hosting the 2019 TSRA Texas State Championship in May. I’m looking for-

    ward to that event!

    Speaking of new shooters, we had 3 visitors shoot with us. Two brand new, Pecos River Bob

    and Revenant Roy. I believe Revenant Roy has Texas roots, but Pecos River Bob came all the way

    from Florida. The other was a friend we hadn’t seen in quite a while, Capt. Buffalo came in from

    San Antonio way to spend the day with us. Glad to have you gentlemen with us and hope you

    had a good time.

    As always, tell everyone what you like about THSS and tell me or one of the board members

    what you don’t like and we’ll work on it.

    Pepper Russell




    October 2018

    ™ ™

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    On Target

    By THSS™ Range Master, Texas Billy Since hunting season is only a few weeks away, I thought I’d review some gun safety rules for hunting. Some of us do shoot at other times other than CAS. The TSRA new brief last week was linked to the NRA Fami- ly article, “7 gun safety rules you must follow in the field”. They did such a good job highlighting the rules that I’ll just provide an overview of this article, giving both TSRA and the NRA the entire credit.

    1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction; ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot; ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

    2. Be positive of your target's identity before shooting. When in doubt, don't shoot.

    3. Take time to fire a safe shot. If you're not sure of what's on the other side of the game animal...don't do it.

    4. If you fall... a. If you fall, try to control where the muzzle of your gun points. b. After a fall, check your gun for dirt and damage, and make sure the barrel is free of obstructions.

    5. Scopes are not binoculars. Never use a riflescope as a substitute for binoculars.

    6. Know how to cross a fence. a. When you are alone and must cross a fence, unload your firearm and place it under the fence

    with the muzzle pointed away from where you are crossing. b When hunting with others, unload the gun and keep the action open. Have one of your compan-

    ions hold the gun while you cross. When over the fence, take your gun and your companion's unloaded gun, so that he or she may cross safely.

    7. Know when to unload. When finished hunting, unload your firearm before returning to camp.

    Please share these helpful rules with others you hunt with. We want them to be safe in the field as well. Thanks for stopping by and remember… Always keep you’re the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to get “ON TARGET”. Texas Billy

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    The following is a summary of the monthly Treasurer’s report as of Sep-

    tember 2018. It is intended to give just a brief overview of the Club’s fi-

    nancial status. As always, if any dues paid member wants a more detailed

    report, they can contact the club’s accountant, Bobby “Pistol Pete” Nelson,

    and make an appointment to see him at his office.

    Operating Checking Account …………………$17,576.78

    Cash Box (starting fund register) ……………… 100.00

    Savings Account …………………………………. 5,232.48

    Petty Cash ………………………………………… 300.00

    Current Cash Assets …………………………….. $23,209.76

    Treasurer’s Report September 2018

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    September Stage Winners

    Rowdy Yates Texas Ghost Revenant Roy

    Davy Houston Rowdy Yates

    Rowdy Yates Texas Ghost Davy

    Rowdy Yates Mulehead Davy

    Rowdy Yates Texas Ghost Davy

    ~ ~ ~

    First Place Second Place Third Place Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

    Stage 5

    September Monthly Shoot Awards

    ~ Lock ‘em Up John won the Middle of the Herd Award

    for a free shoot.

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    Five Clean Stages

    Four Clean Stages

    Three Clean Stages

    Two Clean Stages

    One Clean Stage

    Clean Stages for


    Davy, Mulehead, Nimrod

    Tularosa Mike

    Badlands Walt, Daisey Cutter,

    Houston, Lock ‘em John, Pecos River Bob,

    Rowdy Yates, Texas Ghost

    Catfish, College Station Kid,

    Ethan Edwards, Late Comer

    Dugan Jack, Brazos John,

    Revenant Roy, Revenooer

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    Guns and Accessories for sale

    Randy Jones aka Ben Thompson

    contact rcjakabt@yahoo.com if interested or for more info…

    CZ Coach gun 20" bbl exposed hammers 12 ga

    2 Cimarron Thunderstorms 45 Colt

    3.5" bbl, birdshead grip, unfired

    1866 Yellowboy Carbine 18" bbl 45 Colt

    Uberti Schofield Navy Arms 7.5" bbl 45 Colt

    Uberti 1860 Henry 24" bbl 45 Colt

    IAC 1897 Shotgun 20" bbl 12 ga

    Les Baer Thunder Ranch 1911 5"bbl 45 ACP

    Standard Mfg. DP-12 shotgun 12ga

    incl. case, xtra chokes, flashlight mount, unfired

    Uberti 1849 Pocket incl Josey Wales shoulder rig

    and 32 S&W conv cylinder + ammo

    Uberti 1860 Army incl 45 Colt Conv. cylinder

    Kowa TSN-82SV 45 degree

    Includes see thru eyepiece, lens cover, scope cover

    Polecat 1" scope stand w 3-20" rods must go with

    the Kowa scope above…

    CAS Period correct Shirts size L-XL

    CAS Period correct pants size 36 waist

    Several Felt Hats size 7 1/4

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    2017—2018 THSS Board of Directors

    Pepper Russell


    (Joe Lopez)

    Catfish Doyle


    (Doyle Thorn)



    (Davey Konvicka)

    Kalico Kat


    (Kathy Cloyd)

    Humdinger Ringer

    Director 1

    (Dustin Free)


    Director 2

    (Daniel Newsom)

    Charlie Ringo

    Director 3

    (Charles Sivek)

    Mamie Fossett

    Director 4

    (Carla Boyd)




    Hanna Call

    Director 5

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    2017—2018 THSS Board of Directors


    Director 6

    (James Hromadka)

    Rowdy Yates

    Director At Large

    (Steve Horoleca)

    Crazy Ed


    (Ed Thomas)

    Texas Billy


    (Bill Davis)

    Pepper Russell

    Executive Board

    (Joe Lopez)

    Ben Thompson

    Executive Board

    (Randy Jones)


    Executive Board

    (Joe Boyle)

    Charles Goodnight

    Executive Board

    (Glen Urbanek)

    Crazy Ed

    Executive Board

    (Ed Thomas)