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    Rowdy McLean 2011 This Book Is Copyright.

    All Rights Reserved. Apart from fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the copyright act, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of Rowdy McLean.

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    ABOUT THE INTERVIEWERRon McLean has been known as Rowdy most of his life because he is easy going, friendly, light hearted, pragmatic, down to earth and real. Rowdy is an expert on productivity, personal growth and achievement. He is the master of making things happen and getting things done and has achieved some remarkable things.

    Ultimately we all want more, more money, more time, more fun, more love, more customers. Rowdy has spent the last decade studying the key drivers of success and achievement. He has developed a process to help individuals, teams and organisations unlock potential and play a much bigger game than they ever thought possible.

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    ABOUT THE SERIESThe Rowdy Talks series is unique and motivating series. Professional speaker and consultant Rowdy Mclean takes his hand held camera or iPhone4 every where he goes and on meeting with some of Australias most renowned experts and specialists he springs them with a quick interview.

    Rowdy endeavours and digs into how these successful players are to Play A Bigger Game in both business and in life. Rowdys open interview style and casual approach leaves these experts revealing more than they problem wanted to.

    Read, learn and be inspired!

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    Andrew Roberts

    Andrew Roberts is one of Australias leading business coaches, in his first 3 years of business coaching he trained more than 10,000 businesses. He has coached some of the fastest growing businesses in Australia.

    With the help of a business partner Andrew Roberts created one of the fastest growing and largest Business Coaching companies in the world (at the time) within the ACTION Group. He is an expert at time management and helping people get a big return for less effort.

    During their interview Andrew Roberts talks to Rowdy about why it is so important to invest in yourself if you want to Play A Bigger Game. He touches on the story of why he invested $25,000 into just a 10 day course. Throughout the interview Andrew Roberts paints a clear picture as to why its not where youre currently at that matters it is where you believe you can be at!

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    Craig Rispin

    Craig Rispin is a well known business futurist and innovation expert. His expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends and how companies can profit from them.

    Craig has over 20 years experience working where the future has been created, with some of the most innovative companies in the world in the IT, consumer electronics, internet and broadcasting industries. In fact, Craig got his start much earlier than that by teaching adults about technology and trends from the age of 10 (really)!

    During this interview Rowdy endeavours into Craig Rispins history engaging him to reveal his 20 million dollar company that he sold to a 20 billion dollar company. Craig Rispin goes on further to explain why large multi-million dollar companies are deciding to not have an IT department despite the growing trend in technology and communications.

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    Dale Beaumont

    Dale Beaumont is widely recognised as the expert for those that want to build pro-file fast and make more money. With an obvious track-record of personal success, Dale is now a sought-after speaker and teaches others how to quickly become a micro-celebrity in their field.

    Dale is also the author of 16 best-selling books, which have collectively sold over 250,000 copies. Incredibly, 11 of those books were published in a single year, a feat that earned him the title Australias Most Prolific Author. As a result, Dale has been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Ten News, ABC Ra-dio, Radio 2UE.

    Dale Beamont talks to Rowdy about why success does not grow in a straight line using some fantastic examples of his real life experiences. Throughout the interview Dale expresses why he thinks peoples expectations are to low and why they should double whatever it is they think is possible.

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    Michael & Shar Henderson

    Michael & Shar Henderson are corporate anthropologists, authors and consultants. They specilaise in helping corporations understand cultures within their business, and are experts in how to create an engaging culture amongst staff.

    Michael & Shar Henderson are co-founders of the company values at work that provides knowledge, skills and processes for individuals and organisations to create a values aligned culture.

    During their interview with Rowdy, Michael & Shar talk about unbelieving emphasis-ing the importance of blocking out the negativity and negative thoughts in order to stay focused and Play A Bigger Game. They also explain why it is important to declare your goals and dont be shy about letting other people know what you want to achieve, illustrating that if you dont put it your idea on the table then it cant manifest itself.

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    Rowdy:Hi, welcome to Play A Bigger Game! Im in my office today with a mentor of mine Andrew Rob-erts. Andrew is a business coach, hes helped businesses earn hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars and his focus at the moment is helping individuals and businesses understand the value of webinars and how webinars can bring people into their business. Andrews a great friend of mine and hes in town for the day and we thought wed catch up and I thought Id take the op-portunity to ask Andrew his thoughts on, you know. How do you think Andrew, people can play a bigger game?

    Andrew: Yes Rowdy its great to be here and yes we were chatting about this this morning and I constantly come back to this will all of my clients because for me it all has to start with the mindset of the actual entrepreneur or the person that wants to play a bigger game. And the number one thing to play a bigger game stems back to what I believe is belief.

    And if you look at belief, theres three ways to believe. You need to hear about it, you need to see it and then you need to do it. And I think far too many people dont focus on the first step which is actually hearing about it. And in order to hear about it we need to focus on investing in our-selves and educating ourselves with people that have been there before us and actually done it to actually build the belief to give us permission that yes we can do it. And then once we hear about it, we then go and witness some other people doing it and then eventually we do it.

    So yes Rowdy it really stems back, for me, initially with belief.

    Rowdy: Yes, so that mindset. So is that an evolution do you think? So do people just go Im going to commit to this. Or do they grow into it?

    Andrew: Well, its a decision. And I shared a story with Rowdy this morning and Ill share it with your audi-ence, that 10 years ago I was just finished university, I was working in a corporate I think I was on a job that was paying me around about 30 to 40 thousand dollars per year. I had very little savings at that point and I was heavily in debt with the university HECS debts. And I was listen-ing to a guy present and he was up on stage, there was 500 of us in the room, and he was talk-ing about how most peoples biggest asset that they would ever accumulate is their house. And they would save all this money, maybe 50, 100 thousand dollars and theyll invest it into a house. And he basically said that the biggest asset that weve all got is us and how much money do we invest into ourselves? And I remember sitting in the audience and Id never really been taught this, that its so important to invest in ourselves. And he went on to say that if youre your biggest asset, how much money are you spending into yourself?

    So Rowdy I was fortunate at a very early age to make a decision to become comfortable with investing money into myself. And the very very first step that I ever took was I borrowed 25 thou-sand dollars on a 14 percent interest and bought myself a 10 day course to actually work on my mindset, to get me comfortable generating in excess of six figures initially and then eventually in excess of seven figures. And Ive made a decision to never stop investing in me until I get to that

  • level and thats where it all stems. And its a decision and I feel a comfort level of being prepared to invest into yourself and be completely okay with it.

    Rowdy: Yes, I like the way that you draw the parallels of investing and Ive never really thought about that before but we do, when we buy a house we do call it investing. When we do something for our-selves we call it spending and not investing dont we. So that investment that you made has paid off handsomely.

    Andrew: Well I went to this 10 day course and I was scared, like anyone spending that sort of money, g


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