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Information on renowned speaker Rowdy McLean's speaking topics and bio.


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    Play A Bigger Game

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  • Rowdy McLean BIO


  • Rowdy McLean

    Results matter! Every business and every individual wants to achieve more, do more, be more or have more. We all want to play a bigger game but often lack the resources, inspiration or motivation to change results and outcomes.

    Ron McLean has been known as Rowdy most of his life, not because he is loud and brash but because he has a quiet steely determination to succeed. He challenges the average and interrupts the status quo. He is the master of making things happen and getting things done.

    Playing a bigger game is Rowdy McLeans life story, overcoming adversity and challenges to achieve remarkable results. Rowdy is an average guy, who grew up in an average family in an average town. He first started playing a bigger game as a professional sportsman. Then at the age of 24, he started a business in competition to one of Australias largest conglomerates, with no money in the bank and a can do attitude. He retired ten years later.

    As a CEO he has turned around ailing companies. As an entrepreneur he has built success from the ground up. As a socialpreneur he has developed initiatives that make a real difference. His seminars are attended by thousands of people each year. He works with those organisations, leaders and teams that want to be at the top of their game.

    A master storyteller Rowdy shares his expertise and experiences in a manner that engages people in playing the game of success. Rowdy helps organisations and people change the game and change the results. He lights a fuse that will keep burning long after the event, a fuse that inspires people to continually look for ways to raise the bar.

    As an international speaker, author and consultant he travels the globe inspiring individuals, teams and organisations to achieve more, be more, do more and have more! Ultimately Rowdy opens the door on whats possible and assists individuals, teams and organisations take the leap from where they are to where they want to be.

  • MotivationPlay a bigger game

  • Play A Bigger Game Understanding what drives motivation,

    execution and getting results.

    Knowing what you want, why you want it and how to get it are the keys to a great life. We are all capable of so much, however most of us lack the tools and resources, motivation and inspiration to really grab life in both hands and make the absolute best of it. Rowdy shares his journey from an average childhood to amazing results. He shows how anyone can achieve more, be more, do more and have more than they ever imagined.

    Learn not to accept the status quo Understand how to overcome fear What changes when it becomes a game Know the one critical thing you need to control Get from cannot to can, every time Unlock the four key drivers of success Know how to make things happen

    Rowdy is a fantastic speaker; emotive, courageous, inspiring but most of all genuine. His simple yet

    powerful messages very clearly resonated with our audience as the feedback we received was

    sensational. I look forward to having the opportunity to use him again.

    Jonathan McIlroy, CEO, Executive Assistant Network

  • TeamsGetting into the game

  • Getting Into The Game A no-nonsense guide to building

    bullet proof teams.

    In management we have heard a lot about IQ and EQ so why is it whenever managers are asked for their number one desire in a new employee, or when leaders are asked what it will take to take their company to the next level the answer is always the right attitude? Rowdy McLean believes that developing, attracting and maintaining the right AQ within yourself, your team and your organisation is the only key to success.

    Understanding what makes a team tick Attitudes are infectious be the cure! How to get people focused on their results rather than their circumstances How to take your team from cant to can A little can do goes a long way How to encourage your team to see opportunities and not obstacles How to continually raise the bar, regardless of your current results

    Rowdy was very personable from the outset. He was readily able to grasp the nuances of our industry to understand the issues we were facing and deliver

    an honest and insightful message that achieved great results at a critical time.

    Sharon Ruddleston, Manager OnQ Human Resources

  • SalesChange the game

  • Change The Game Developing a unique selling attitude.

    The commonly understood method of selling is to focus on the USPs Unique Selling points but how many people have had a phone call or meeting with a sales person with plenty of USPs and a really bad attitude? The greatest strength of any sales person is their ability to connect with potential customers. Added to this, the resilience to stay on course when others may give up or burn out. The difference between those that make it and those that dont is always attitude.

    Develop the attitude that the next sale is in the next phone call or meeting Build the resilience to hear a no (or ten) and keep going HOW TO ALWAYS SAY YES THEN FIGURE IT OUT! How to get over the capability hump How to turn every no into an opportunity to learn more about your customer Understanding that no is a question, not an answer How to bring your authentic self to every transaction How to stop a negative attitude in its tracks and avoid those that try to restart it!

    Rowdy did a fantastic job in motivating and inspiring the team to achieve more at our National Sales

    Conference. He challenged their thinking and took them on a journey that left them believing they will

    achieve great things throughout the year. The group continually referred back to the learning from

    Rowdys presentation throughout the conference

    Rob Dickerson, Marketing Director, Invida Pharmaceutical

  • LeadershipTop of the game

  • Top of the Game A Shift from EQ to AQ.

    The largest influencer of employee behaviour is the attitude of their leader. Is your team inspired to take risks, knowing you will back them up rather than blame them? Does your team see you take set backs in your stride, rather than move straight to defeat? The largest differentiating factor between leaders that last and those whose teams build voodoo dolls of them in secret is attitude. Rowdy Mclean believes that what you do is far more important than what you say and the unfortunate fact is, so does your team. Are you a leader that shows up just to prevent your team from getting it wrong, or are you a leader whose presence inspires others to keep moving.

    Learn how to walk the talk and how it impacts others Learn the three laws of execution inspiration, motivation, agitation How to use your agitation to inspire How to understand the effect of your attitude on people and performance How to leverage rather than drown in the differences in the organization HOW TO GET THE WRONG PEOPLE OFF THE BUS Quickly and with minimum impact

    Rowdy touched on many things that really hit the spot and the style of the presentation was highly

    engaging with interactive elements that were fun as well as informative for anyone owning a business, working as a Manager or leading a

    team this session is essential.

    Anthea Somerville, Relationship Executive, Qantas Airways

  • Business StrategyThe bigger game plan

  • The Bigger Game Plan Creating a clear plan for future success.

    Rowdy has developed a unique strategy planning tool that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Based around his understanding of peak performing teams on the sporting field, his experience as a CEO in the boardroom, and his knowledge of business as a successful entrepreneur. The bigger game will have you focused on ideas, priorities, execution and accountability that will deliver results. Having a clear and concise direction that everyone understands and is engaged in, is the springboard for business success.

    Discover the essential elements of planning for success Understand the 18 key drivers of results Know how to focus on activity that produces outcomes Learn how to embrace and influence change Know who exactly is accountable for what Understand how to execute effectively Get a rolling business strategy that works Unlock ideas that expand your horizons

    Many thanks for your presentation it was engaging, honest and relevant. In particular, your

    framework around capability and confidence struck a real chord for my team in the context of our ambitions. We concluded the two days with

    the team inspired around pushing beyond our comfort zone.

    Andy Cornish, Ceo, IAG Direct Insurance

  • Service ExcellenceAhead of the game

  • Ahead Of The GameHow to develop a service attitude your

    customers will rave about.

    Happy customers not only spend more with you and are more loyal to you.. They rave about you to others creating word of mouth marketing, proven to be the best form of marketing in the world. Not only does having a great service attitude impact the bottom line but it reduces staff turnover and absenteeism. Rowdys business success has been built around developing a service attitude that delights your customers and blows away the competition. A service attitude has the largest impact on business growth and sustainability. Get it right and customers will beat a path to your door, g