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    Welcome to chapter 13! While Nellie is still enjoying her explorations, things in her personal life get a bit steamier in this segment. Will she resolve the issues she is having with her love life, or will she wind up even more confused and distraught? What dangers will she face as she pursues adventures in unknown tombs? Read on to find out!
    Note: This chapter includes a few scenes of a mildly sexually explicit situation. You have been forewarned in case that sort of thing disturbs you.

    " Good morning, Estelle!"Nellie greeted with a warm smile. Her plane had landed in Champs Les Sims in the early morning hours, and since she had slept on the plane, Nellie went out directly to meet with Estelle after a brief stop at base camp to freshen up. Estelle Fouchier lived only a few houses up from base camp, which made it, at least, convenient. Nellie reached into her bag, retrieved the large red stone, and showed it to the blond woman.

    " It is so good to see you again. My word, is that the Ruby of Sakhara?"Estelle breathed as she gazed at the sparkling red stone." Quick, we must see if it actually works! Head down to the Nectar Cellars where you found the three holes and inspect them again. If this works as I expect it to, you will be able to fit the Ruby in place. You must investigate again when you are done."
    The two women hurried to The Nectary, where Estelle took her place behind the register, and Nellie immediately took the Ruby and went down to the hole.

    The Ruby of Sakhara fit perfectly into place just as Estelle Fouchier had predicted. From behind her, Nellie heard a strange sound as if something had been dropped onto a table. She instantly spun around to have a look. There was now an object on the table where there was none before and Nellie moved closer to have a better look.

    It was the Keystone to the Tomb of Isael!Now Nellie knew that Estelle had been correct in her notion that the place needed a bit more exploring because the key did not fit the door leading from the room she was in at the moment.Nellie quickly snatched the keystone and began looking around the room for another way out.

    Noticing something different about the wall that she had not seen on her first visit, Nellie began to feel around carefully. Soon she discovered it was a secret a door and she found a trigger to make it open.

    The door opened into a small room which contained another door locked by chains. The keystone fit perfectly into place and the chains fell away from door, clanging loudly as they dropped upon the floor. Nellie eagerly opened the door and stepped into the next room.

    " Oh great"Nellie mumbled with a heavy sigh as she stopped in a new doorway to gaze at the flame traps facing her ahead. The young woman had not figured this would be easy. She moved down the hallway and found herself standing in room shaped rather like a 'T'. Not sure what to do next, Nellie moved to have a closer look at a floor panel she spotted off to her left.

    It seemed like the sort that needed to have a statue pushed onto it, but she saw no statues, so she decided to stand it to see what would happen. Immediately, another floor panel appeared which piqued Nellie's curiosity even more. Stepping off the floor panel caused the second one to disappear again, so she moved toward the roaring flame traps. There were two keystone slots, one on each side of the entrance to the corridor, but Nellie only had one keystone to fit them. She inserted a keystone into the panel on the right and saw that it extinguished the flame trap closer to the end of the hall. That was when she noticed two statues. Nellie mustered up her courage and crossed the first flame trap without harm. She grabbed a hold of one the statues and dragged it down the corridor, extinguishing the other floor trap along the way, and pushed it onto one of the floor panels. She then went back for the other statue.

    Soon, the young woman was pushing the second statue into place over the other floor panel. Nellie did not know how long she had been at it, but the statues were heavy and she was beginning to become tired. She knew that soon, she would have to find a place to rest, but for now she trudged on.

    As the second statue slid into place, two secret doors were revealed in the wall. Nellie went into one and collected some relics from boxes and then turned to leave the room.

    Fire traps appeared in the walls, threatening to scorch her, but luckily there was plenty of room to get around them. Nellie checked the other secret room, but found she needed to find a keystone to get anywhere in there, so she left and wandered into a different room. The only thing in it was a diving pool.

    Nellie mentally and physically prepared herself to take the plunge and then dove in to see what she could find. She found a hidden switch and activated it.

    When she emerged, she saw that the switch had opened another secret door. She climbed out and grabbed one of the towels off the rack and dried herself, thinking it was nice for change to have a towel after being in a dive in a pool. Nellie entered the new room and cleared away some rubble, which revealed a heart-shaped keystone. Knowing just where to put it use, she made her way back to the room she was in earlier.

    By now, Nellie was so exhausted that she was ready to curl up and sleep on the hard tiled floor if necessary, but instead she inserted the keystone into place, which extinguished the fire traps blocking her way. Nellie discovered she actually had another heart-shaped keystone, so she was able to enter the next door as well.

    Nellie was stunned by what she saw. She gazed in awe at what appeared to be a gorgeous sitting room, lavishly decorated and fit for royalty.

    Nellie was humbled by the elegant beauty of the room. There were a few ancient relics around which she promptly took. She noticed a door to her left and went to investigate it, but she so exhausted its contents held no interest for her at the moment. It was not the sort of room Nellie had been hoping to find at this point in her adventure. Another door was off to her right, so she moved toward it uttering a silent prayer.

    Nellie gasped in astonishment for her prayer had been answered! It was a bedroom, a fairly large and beautiful one at that.For a brief moment, she stood and gazed at her surroundings in stunned silence. Jean and Isael Necteaux had really known how to live! Without further hesitation, Nellie headed toward the object of her desire at that very moment.

    The bed looked absolutely divine! Nellie could not believe how inviting and comfortable it appeared to be. She barely registered the rubble in various areas of the room which would need clearing. The young woman was completely exhausted and could not think beyond the fact that she desperately needed to lie down and rest. Soon, she was under the covers sleeping as peacefully as a newborn kitten.

    Nellie woke refreshed and ready to get back to it. She thought it was very odd how rubble had covered certain things in the room, since the walls were all intact and perfect. She had learned not to ponder for too long, that which was inexplicable, so she grabbed her trusty Axe of Pangu and began clearing it away. The rubble mostly had been covering treasure boxes with relics or keystones inside, but there was one thing she was desperately hoping to find. Moving on to the other side of the room, a cleared pile of rubble revealed a door. When Nellie entered, she could not have been more thrilled.

    " Oh thank you, God"she closed her eyes and whispered. It was a bathroom! As experienced an adventure as Nellie had become, she still, on occasion, forgot things. This time, she had forgotten to stock up on some more Shower in a Can and she was beginning to feel the effects of not having bathed in over a day. The tub was a precious commodity to her and she moved gratefully toward it, filled it with steamy water, and settled herself down into it.

    As Nellie was thoroughly enjoying her steamy bath, she began to notice something very different about a certain section of the wall and began to study it. The bath felt amazing and what she really wanted was to stay in the tub for awhile longer, but the curiosity was killing her, so she reluctantly cut her bath short and stepped out of the tub.
    It only took a few moments with her expert eye and hands to figure out that there was, indeed, a secret door built into the wall.

    She opened it and stepped through. " Wow"she murmured softly as she moved further into the room.

    It was another secret garden, of sorts. It was an artificial garden, with large rocks, fake potted palms, and green tile covering the floor. It was beautiful in its own way. Nellie found a few relics and another heart-shaped keystone to add to her loot.

    After passing through several more rooms and corridors, Nellie entered a room that seemed like a statue puzzle to her. It was so packed with the monstrosities that it looked like some sort of storage room, although she could see some loot when she peeked between them to see if anything worth having was hidden behind them. It was a bit of a strain, but she finally managed to move them around enough to get to the goods.

    First, she grabbed another heart-shaped keystone, and then she made her way to the treasure box. Nellie left the room and soon found herself in another room, glad to have picked up the keystone she found earlier.

    She used the keystone to open a door bound by chains and entered.

    " As if I haven't moved enough of these today"Nellie complained out loud when she realized what the new chamber contained.

    As Nellie moved the last statue onto its floor p