romance versus relics ~ the adventures of nellie blye

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    Welcome to my first experience with World Adventures! This, actually, began as a pic spam story that I posted on my forum after receiving World Adventures for Christmas as a gift. I was excited about the game and wanted to share my experience with the members of my forum. But it seemed to get 'out of hand' and it has developed into an actual 'real' story along the way. So, while the first few chapters are sort of a rough, documentary-style of writing, the later segments are most definitely more story like. If you read, I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed creating it. A special thanks goes out to Joandsarah for giving me the idea for what I think is a pretty cool story title! Thanks Jo!

    Meet Nellie Blye. She is sort of an unlikely world-traveling type because she is frugal and clumsy. She's also a vegetarian and a perfectionist. Maybe her angler trait is a good one because she likes to fish. The reason she has these weird traits is because I randomized her CAS. All I did was tweak her looks a bit because after the trouble I ran into while installing, all I wanted to do was jump in there and PLAY!Here she is, eating falafel in Egypt.

    The home base is a bit primitive in Egypt and here she is emerging from her tent.

    It is time for Nellie's first adventure, and she has just arrived at one of the pyramids.

    After busting down a few piles of rubble and finding secret passages....

    Nellie finds a sarcophagus to open.

    Ah ha, Nellie found something good inside!

    While inspecting a hole in the floor, she pulled out a handful of insects. Ewww! Lol

    After moving on a bit, Nellie finds a room blocked by a boulder that she doesn't have a tool to break. She'll have to go back another time to enter that room, although Nellie did go diving in that pool and found a special keystone.

    Just around the corner, in the next room, Nellie was busily opening up treasure boxes and if I hadn't been watching her back, she would have been attacked by a mummy! I told her to get the heck out of there, quickly! On her way out, she ran over a fire trap in the floor and got scorched. Unfortunately, I don't' have pictures because I was trouble shooting and using different folders, etc and I ended up deleting the sims folder with those screen shots in them.

    This is the entrance to the biggest pyramid of the three that stand in a row.

    Once again, I have pics, but this is the last thing we saw in that pyramid. Then it was time to report back on our quest and go home. Three days isn't a very long stay to do many quests when the only cheat you use is 'motherlode' to give her enough money to travel freely.

    So, I took Nellie home, got her a job in the science career, and let her work and socialize at home for five days. That weekend, she traveled to China. It really is beautiful there.

    The base camp is pretty awesome as well! Nellie was much more impressed with it than with the one in Egypt.

    Without wasting a moment, Nellie headed off to market to shop for supplies. She was anxious to begin her adventure here.

    This is the special merchant from whom you can purchase special supplies to help in your quest. You can only pay him with ancient coins you find in your travels and Nellie had collected quite a few, so she decided to chat with him. Unfortunately, purchases from him also require more Visa time, so she couldn't buy anything this time around.

    After loading up on all the things she COULD buy, she headed off for Dragon's Maw.

    Nellie gained entry and stood looking around in awe.

    I forgot to snap very many pics here either. *slaps self in head* But, after exploring and collecting things all day, Nellie was exhausted and had to 'make camp'. Now she is happily sleeping in the tent she purchased from the general merchant's shop.

    Upon awaking, she wasn't feeling very fresh, so she took out her shower in a can and freshened up. She finished her quest and immediately got another one, which she failed to finish before being whisked back home. She is soon to make the trip again to finish that one. Nellie really enjoyed China and hopes to one day go back to just relax and have fun.

    Even though it had only been three days, Nellie was quite out of practice for the domestic tasks and promptly started a fire in her modest kitchen.

    At the bookstore in China, Nellie purchased a Martial Arts book and began to study.
    She read the whole thing, and soon she gained her first belt!

    After that, she was glad she had also purchased a practice dummy and she decided to give it a try.

    After a few hours of practice, her confidence was building and she felt herself becoming stronger with each kick.

    Her determination and strong will to practice hard soon gain her yet another new belt!

    She pranced around to proudly show it off, even though she was the only person in the house.

    Here is a shot of the cool relics Nellie has collected on her adventures so far.