romance versus relics chapter 17

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    Welcome to chapter seventeen! As you know, we last left Nellie fretting over having to deal with the obnoxious Relic Merchant, yet again. Now we will find out how goes after she has had all night to dream/think about it. I was going to say a good night's sleep, but I dont think that would come easily in those crappy little tents they provide at that base camp! LOL! Anyhow, let's get on with the story.

    Note: This chapter contains scenes of a mature nature, including sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

    " Oh my goodness"Nellie gasped, " you startled me!"After playing around with her meal the night before, her appetite pretty much gone, Nellie had crawled into her tent to get some rest. Her dreams had been troubled ones of fighting off mummies and nasty relic merchants. She had awakened almost as tired as she had been before turning in for the evening. The last thing she had expected was a visitor so early in the day.
    She managed a wan smile. " So, what brings you here so early this morning? I have just finished breakfast and was getting ready to head out."

    " Good morning, Nellie"Youssef greeted brightly. " Your outing this morning is the reason I am here."Nellie's brow furrowed in confusion, and he continued with a chuckle. " I have heard through the grapevine, so to speak, that you have been having difficulty with a certain merchant in town. I also heard that you have dealings with him this morning, so I have come to offer my services as an escort, if you will allow me."
    Nellie was taken aback by his offer, as well as touched. For several long moments, she was silent, not really knowing what to say. How did he know all those things? She almost asked the question, but then decided it did not matter. He was here and that was all that counted. Although she preferred to work alone, she was grateful for this type of assistance. " Sure"she smiled warmly at him, and the pair made their way toward the market square.

    " Oh God"Nellie muttered as they stood outside the Relic Merchant's shop. " I can feel his filthy gaze on me already!" The idea of dealing with the man repulsed her, but she knew it had to be done in order to continue her quest.
    Youssef smiled reassuringly and patted her hand. " Do not worry. I will be here in case he gets too frisky."The Relic Merchant and Youssef Nagi had never been friends, but they had formed a tolerance of one another. One thing Youssef would not tolerate, however, was seeing someone he cared about being harassed by the man. So when he had gotten wind of the merchant's antics with Nellie, he decided it was time to step in and put an end to it.

    " You are back again, I see"Fahad Madbouli grinned lewdly. " So, you want information about where to find the third relic?"He stepped closer and leaned in toward her. " I will tell you, but first you must promise to meet me tonight. I know this nice little private place where we can . . ."his words cut off abruptly as he noticed Youssef Nagi hovering around just outside the entrance to the shop. He stepped back from Nellie and glanced in Youssef's direction. Youssef was glaring at him furiously, and if looks could kill . . . Fahad cleared his throat and said, " It is long past my lunchtime. If you will go to the Food Merchant's Shop and bring me a fresh plate Shawarma, I will share my information with you!"
    Nellie released the breath she had been holding and smiled. " No problem. I'll be right back!"

    " This looks and smells scrumptious!"the Relic Merchant exclaimed when Nellie returned with the food. " You have earned the information you seek. You must go to the Great Pyramid to find the Relic of Eternity. It is quite large, so you may want to take extra food and supplies."
    Nellie could see Youssef pacing back and forth outside the Relic Merchant's shop, and she knew that was why the merchant was being so cordial. She smiled at the obnoxious man. " Thank you so very much. Enjoy your meal!"She left the shop to join Youssef outside.

    " Thank you, Youssef!"Nellie cried as she impulsively wrapped her arms around him in a grateful embrace. " That was the most pleasant experience I've ever had while dealing with that nasty little man."
    Youssef rarely missed it when an opportunity presented itself, so he reveled in the moment and pulled her closer. " What else are friends for, Nellie?"he replied softly. " As I said before, do not hesitate to contact me if you ever anything . . . anything at all."
    Pulling back from their embrace, Nellie smiled, " I sincerely appreciate that, but now I have a large adventure to conquer. I'm on my way to the Great Pyramid!"She said goodbye to Youssef, stocked up on supplies as suggested, and headed off on her new adventure.

    The entrance to the Great Pyramid was littered with the remains of those who never made it out. Nellie was appalled at how they could have been so close to the exit, yet they perished. She cautiously made her way inside to have a look around.

    After passing through several chambers, Nellie came to one with a flame trap in the center. She picked up some gems and coins, and then made her way around the trap to the other side.

    She inspected a hole, which had a hidden switch that triggered a hidden door to be revealed.

    Nellie opened that door and stepped inside the next room.

    Soon, Nellie found a large boulder blocking her path, so she whipped out the mighty Axe of Pangu and smashed it to smithereens.

    Nellie gasped in awe and gazed around, her eyes wide in wonderment when she stepped into a long corridor filled with Egyptian statues and other dcor. The beauty of some the underground chambers she had seen would never cease to amaze her. She turned to her left and moved down the hallway until she found another door to enter.

    The new room had several treasure boxes to plunder, some statues to be moved out of way, and a sarcophagus. Nellie moved toward the first statue after taking the things from the treasure box closest to the door. After moving the statue, she went straight for the next treasure chest.

    As she opened it and began pulling out some relics, the door to the sarcophagus creaked open and a mummy stepped from it, moaning and groaning in the usual mummy way. Nellie hoped it would not sense her, so she stood very still. She had no such luck, however, so the mummy approached and made ready to launch its attack. For the first time ever, Nellie had purchased some mummy snacks from the special merchant. Instead of attacking, the mummy took one and then looked at Nellie as if to ask if she had a napkin.

    The adventure, thus far, had taken up the whole day and Nellie was exhausted. She took the opportunity to slip inside the mummy's sarcophagus to rest. Once Nellie was inside, the mummy went away and went about its mummy business, whatever that may be.

    Soon after waking, Nellie was investigating the insides of a different sarcophagus. This time, however, all she found was a relic.

    Another room had several fire traps right in the middle and she had to push statues onto them in order to disarm them.

    Nellie found a staircase that took her even further into the depths of the Great Pyramid.

    The young woman was getting tired again, so she ignored the next sarcophagus she found and pulled on a suspicious-looking lantern that revealed a hidden door. She stepped through it and smiled.

    She found a keystone she was sure would come in handy somewhere very soon.

    When she entered the next room, she found another keystone.

    One of the keystones was put to use almost immediately, and Nellie stepped into the next room.

    Again she was awed by its strange beauty. She stepped upon a floor panel, and then immediately wished she had not. The flame traps directly in front of her roared to life. She went around them, and inspected the hole in the floor. A hidden switch she triggered allowed her access into the next room.

    Nellie was nearing exhaustion again. She found a good place to pitch her tent and then spent her second night in the Great Pyramid. Upon awaking, she opened a hidden door and passed through several more rooms. She was beginning to feel lost, as if she would never find the Relic of Eternity and would forever be trapped inside the deep recesses of the pyramid. Nellie passed through several more chambers and then stumbled upon something that surprised her; a bathroom!
    The toilet was old and dirty, but she used it anyway. When she flushed the toilet, it revealed a hole in the floor to inspect. There was also a bathtub and she made use of that as well.
    She ran some water and then climbed into the tub, clothes and all! It felt great to get the dust and grime off her clothes, as well as out of her hair. Nellie emerged from the tub, feeling refreshed and renewed. Now she was ready to complete her mission.

    After passing through several more chambers, Nellie finally found the one she sought and could only stand for several long moments, her eyes agape.

    Flame traps roared and burned, a mummy broke free of its confining sarcophagus, and statues had to be moved in order to get the prize, but Nellie was undaunted. She had finally made it!

    Once the path had been cleared of the statues, the mummy noticed and then slowly approached Nellie. Nellie stood her ground and waited. Again, instead of attacking, the mummy took Nellie's last mummy snack. This afforded Nellie time to get the relic from the trunk, and she made her way back to Dalida Barakat, without being accosted.

    Nellie handed the Relic of Eternity over to Dalida. Dalida gazed at it in awe for several moments and then exclaimed, " Fantastic! With your aid, the MorcuCorp Re