rifled musket and minie ball

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Rifled Musket and Minnie Ball Techniques and Workings

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  1. 1. RifledMusket and Minnie Ball
    • Techniques and Workings
  2. 2. Need
    • Soldiers wanted a combination of weaponry
    • Could fire:
      • Far
      • Accurately
      • Be able to load fast enough to be effective in war combat
    • Rifle could fire accurate, musket could fire fast.
    Battle with Muskets
  3. 3. Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Fast firing rate
    • Not accurate enough forwar
    • Maximum shot: 400yd, effective shot >100yd
    Musket rifle
    • Slow firing rate .6 as fast as musket
    • Much buildup in muzzle
    • Accurate up to 400yd
      • Rifled muskets were able to do damage from farther away, canister fire not effective
    Napoleonic style
  4. 6. New Technique
    • Offense tried to attack from behind army, but this did not work in Battle of Gettysburg
    • Cover technique: attack in small groups, some cover, some shoot; fight in more covered territories and make cover from earth
    • Battle worked much better with new cover style
    Battle with rifled Rifled Muskets