rhetorical devices: ethos, pathos, logos. three forms of rhetoric…  ethos  logos  pathos

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Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Rhetorical Devices:Ethos, Pathos, Logos1Three Forms of RhetoricEthosLogosPathos

2Ethos (Credibility)Ethos: the source's credibility, the speaker's/author's authority

We tend to believe people whom we respect. One of the central problems of argumentation is to project an impression to the reader that you are someone worth listening to, in other words making yourself as author into an authority on the subject of the paper, as well as someone who is likable and worthy of respect.

3Ethos Example:Product: George Foreman and his Grilling MachineRepertoire: Boxing Champ and a Preacher

Why is George Foreman credible?

4Logos (Logical)Logos: the logic used to support a claim. Can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument.

Persuading by the use of reasoning. An effective and persuasive reason that supports your ideas.

5Logos Example: Idea: Students should be allowed to use cell phones during school hours.

List three supporting facts and/or statistics that will support this idea.

6Pathos (Emotional)Pathos: persuading by appealing to the reader's emotions. Emotional appeals, are used to persuade. Language choice affects the audience's emotional response, and emotional appeal can effectively be used to enhance an argument. How? Anecdotal writing or narratives within persuasive writing7Pathos Example:How does this advertisement appeal to emotion? Why?

8How do I use the appeals in writing?Make sure you add a little of each: EmotionCredibility/AuthorityLogicA full argument exists when you use all three of these

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Pathos, Logos, Ethos skitsEach group will get an appeal (pathos, logos, or ethos).Pretend your group is trying to persuade an audience to purchase something. This could be a pair of shoes, a new car, anything your group agrees on.Use your assigned appeal to persuade the class as to why they should purchase your product.