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KCB101 Assignment Two


  • 1.Refresh

2. Voiceover: You areScore board is visible, on the basketball then camera pans out tocourt, dripping with show someone about tosweat take a shot 3. Voiceover: What doyou need? You need a bottle of ReFresh! 4. The advertisementwill contain a basket ball game 5. He is thenpositioned to shoot and score 6. Commentator: He shoots! And heMisses! 7. The coach calls a time out for the player 8. The player ishanded a bottle ofRefresh 9. After being sentback on, the commentator continues: Heshoots! 10. Commentator: And he scores! 11. The crowd goes wild! 12. Branding Klein Successful corporations produce brands. Spurgeon Importance of meeting desires of targetaudience. Harrington Brands are seen as lifestyle enablers. 13. The Refresh Brand Refresh compliments an active lifestyle. Target audience have emotional connections toathletes. Celebrity endorsements break through clutter Boguts success aligns to Refresh. 14. Summary Values focus on importance of active lifestyle. Refresh gives the replenishment you need to be yourbest. Differentiates from market through branding specificallyfor our target market.