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  • 1.Riz Nwosu, CEORiz@Social-Gear.com310.873.8883

2. curing banner blindness one refresh at a time 3. Watch Live Demo: 4. Riz NwosuFounder & CEOBackground: Proven entrepreneur with over a decade of programmingexperience. Founder/co-founder of three businesses spanning the worldsof entertainment, music, fashion and technology. The first two becamequite successful with one leading to a partnership with Warner/UltraRecords and the other leading to a partnership with Blackberry. The thirdspawned the ReFresh ad unit. 5. Any user of Twitter or Facebook would likely see the pull torefresh functionality as an essential part of the mobileexperience. So it was a perfect fit for what we wanted to do withmobile advertising, which was to create an advertising modelthat increases brand perception because the brand isntdetracting from the user experience by consuming valuablescreen real estate.Our ReFresh ads are hidden and revealed only when the screenis pulled down to refresh. If user ad engagement were a disease,ReFresh ads would be a new form of antibiotic that users haventyet built up a tolerance to, thus making them virtually impossibleto ignore or overlook and dangerously effective. 6. 40% of the top 10 apps of 2012 (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest &Twitter) prominently feature a pull to refresh function. Togetherthey have over 1 billion monthly active users. When you add othertop downloaded apps with pull to refresh functions like LinkedIn,Google+, Tumblr, SnapChat, Vine, Keek, etc, you are looking at anaddressable market size in excess of 1.5 billion monthly active users. 7. With Refresh ads, mobile apps that utilize pull to refresh functionalitybut lack monetization can now generate mobile ad revenues.Furthermore, Refresh ads have the potential (in some cases) to doublecurrent mobile ad revenue as illustrated in the following two cases.Case 1 (Facebook):Facebooks mobile ads are delivered as mobile news feed SponsoredStories (the only ads Facebook shows on mobile). Thus adding aReFresh ad unit to Facebooks mobile news feed could potentiallydouble its ad inventory and the current ad revenue Facebook receivesfrom mobile.Case 2 (Pinterest):Pinterest is currently in search for a viable long-term mobilemonetization strategy. Thus adding a ReFresh ad unit to its mobilecontent feed could potentially create a viable long-term mobilerevenue stream for Pinterest. 8. Our business strategy is two-fold:1. License our ReFresh ad technology to the big socialnetworking platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter,Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, etc, all whichprominently feature a pull to refresh function.2. Build an ad network around the ReFresh ad unit todeliver ReFresh ads within smaller apps like SnapChat,Vine, Keek, etc, that also feature a pull to refreshfunction. 9. ReFresh ad units are currently non existent in the market and thus face no direct competition.(With these ad networks, we will only be competing for placement in the apps thatfeature a pull to refresh function.)Competitive AdvantageReFresh ads is a patent pending product.ReFresh ads are novel and unique which increases its engagement potential.ReFresh ads capture users undivided attention.ReFresh ads present an additional revenue stream for developers.ReFresh ads can potentially double ad revenue on pages with a pull to refresh function.ReFresh ads do not take up valuable screen real estate.ReFresh ads do not compete with or cannibalize existing ad units.ReFresh ads are only visible for the time it takes the screen to refresh. 10. ReFresh Promotions allows for developers to offer In-App rewards to users. 11. ReFresh Gaming allowsfor a moment of briefentertainment whilethe app screenrefreshes its content.This example features agame called Pop3where the user has totry and Pop 3 bubblesof the same color asmany times as possiblebefore the pagecontent refreshes. 12. Riz NwosuRiz@Social-Gear.com310.873.8883