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  • Brand Refresh:3 Signs Youre Readyfor a Refresh

  • Creative Director, Linda Bartlingprovided her thoughts on

    refreshing a brand.

  • I like to compare a brand refresh to a home remodel: fresh paint, new shingles and landscaping can add curb appeal and

    enhance the chance of selling a home and getting the best price.

  • Its the same with your brand!

  • A refresh enhances the perception of a brand when a solid foundation and

    framework already exist.

  • Like a remodel, a brand refresh retains some visual equity along with just enough

    change to introduce a new attitude.

  • It respects the company heritage and positions the brand for the future.

  • In what situation should a company consider refreshing their brand?

  • Over time, styles, attitudes and perceptions change.

  • Brands need to change in order to reflect these shifts in consumer


  • If your logo is too complex, it may not adapt well to digital and social media


  • Many brands were developed before the digital age and have had to evolve

    to be better suited for these platforms.

  • When optimizing your logo for digital and social media, consider

    this rule of three.

  • If its

    1. too wide

    2. too tall

    3. too detailed

    it will become unrecognizable when scaled down.

  • So, what are 3 questions you can ask yourself to determine if youre ready

    for a refresh?

  • 1. Is your branding outdated?

  • Consumer preferences change and brands can become visually


  • Letting your brand become too outdated will have a visibly quite literally negative effect on your

    brand image.

  • 2. Are you reaching your target audience?

  • 2a. Has your audience or offerings shifted over time?

  • A refresh will allow you to more accurately target the new or expanded


  • For example, if youve expanded to include a younger demographic, you will need to adapt your messaging strategy, visual presence and marketing channels in

    order to reach a segment that is using an ever-increasing variety of social networks for news

    and information.

  • 3. Has your branding become


  • In order to build and maintain brand

    recognition, its important to be

    consistent with your branding.

  • Buyers want to support someone thats well organized and thoughtful in

    all its actions and all aspects.

  • This doesnt just apply to taglinesand logos.

  • If your online presence and marketing materials dont align, it can confuse audiences and make you appear

    less reputable.

  • So why is updating your brand important?

  • Your brand is your companys face, reputation, and identity.

  • To continue the home improvement analogy, its the view from the street that sets you apart from the neighbors, draws

    buyers in and creates a lasting impression.

  • Have you gone through a brand refresh?

    Are you thinking about a brand refresh?

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