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2. Thanking you God ( ) and seeking sorry from you ( ) 3. Between ,,,, Questions prepared by Ashish Jose , Alan Anto and Muralikrishnan Padmakumar .. 4. ... Prize sponsored by Ashish Jose Ambat Prizes Mobile Recharge ... 5. Report From Slideshare 6. Here are the answers 7. 1.Mostly girls undergo this condition when they particularly focus on X. Researches show that concentrating on X may result in Dopamine release ( shown in the pic ) ,shivering and even in Goosebumps .. X is considered as the best in their field in more than 35 countries .. X? * 8. One Direction 9. 2.According to myths, X has two sons . One of his sons name when anglicized has a relation with a well known , sorry , one of the famous newsmakers in India . X ( a un actually ) came famous to us through his stunts with his brother . And X didnt marry Natalie Portman . Who is X ? 10. Thor :-p 11. * 3. X is a portmanteau word which is formed two words of which one is the name of a tech giant and the other a word which means a group of buildings . The employees at X use special type of bicycles for navigating around. X is also famous for a stretch of plastic structures which are based on the codenames of a widespread operating system . What is X ? 12. Googleplex 13. 4.Id this musical instrument 14. Mizhavu 15. 5.Connect 16. Assassins Creed Desmond Miles is the character who goes into the Animus. Henry is a member of the band Black Flag ( also an Assassins Creed title ) and the fact about Ubisoft is obvious.. 17. 6. For the equation x^2 + y^2 = z^2 there are infinitely many solutions .What are these solutions called ? 18. Pythagorean Triplets 19. 7. Which genetical process is being explained here ( in the most simple way possible ) ? * 20. Mutation As you see, two sticks of butter are changed into two stiqks of butter . But with basic interpretation , we can understand that stiqks meant sticks . And still the recipe is useful as there is no change in the ingredients . Similar is the principles of mutation where physical factors shall not affect mutation while mutation may affect physical factors . 21. 8. Benaam was a Thriller film directed by Narendra Bedi, released in the year 1974 the movie had a decent run at the box office. In the movie Amitabh Bachchans characters name is Amit Srivastava. What is special about this movie? 22. Used Big Bs real name for the role played by himself Amit Srivastava was Amitabh Bachchan's real name. 23. 9. The literal meaning of X is an unmapped area. The plot of the game is to explore the unexplored . The main character follows his ancestors trail to find some treasures and succeeds in them . The game was a trilogy for the PlayStation system and even two off the real story games were released for handheld gaming devices. What is X ? 24. Uncharted 25. 10.X had its origin in India . Two specific Hindu Gods are most often said to be the base of the story. The artist dressed in an elegant type of found in South India, which is having a golden egde. The dancer is further adorned with the distinctive white around a French bun at the side of her head.X ? 26. 27. 11. Connect * A Superhero 28. Micromax Hugh Jackman is the Brand Ambassador of Micromax. The fist resembles to the logo of Micromax . The painting is done on a Canvas . (Canvas is a smartphone by Micromax ) and there is a Marvel Superhero called Micromax 29. 12. In the infamous shower scene of the original 'Psycho' movie how did Bosco chocolate syrup come to use ? 30. Used As Blood 31. 13.Eight thousanders are mountain peeks that are over 8000 meters in height. Mount K2 and Mount Nanga Parbat are unique in a way among Eight thousanders in respect to their ascent. Whats unique about them ? 32. Only eight thousanders without successful ascents in winter 33. 14 Queen Victoria , George Washington , Napoleon Bonaparte , Victor Hugo , etc All of them patronized a famous brand. Which brand Am I Talking About ? 34. Breguet watches 35. * 15. This athlete broke a long standing world record in his sport. He won a Gold Medal in his sport in 2012 Olympics. Later, he broke a record that remained unbroken for 21 years. He did this feat at the same arena where the previous record holder made the record . By chance , the previous record holder was present at the above incident ? Which athlete ? 36. Renaud Lavillenies Pole Vault record 37. 16.X is a famous Greek Mathematician. He discovered the first 4 perfect numbers, they are 6,28,496 and Y. Find X and Y 38. Euclid and 8128 39. 17.There is a Football player and a famous Childrens writer who both has their name X. ( here we are looking for the writer ) . In 2009 X was named one of Time Magazines 100 "Most Influential People" in the world. X was a also a game designer and given below is a snap from the online gaming site Y which was founded by X . Solve X and Y . 40. Jeff Kinney, Poptropica 41. 18.Connect 42. All of these were used for the framing of Drishyam by Jeethu Joseph.. The Devotion of Suspect X , London To Brighton , Before and After all were used for ideas for Drishyam ( ) 43. 19. Paula Scher of a leading design agency asked this question to the officials at the company X. "You are Y, then why are you a Flag?And thus began the huge re- branding exercise for this company X for their much popular product Y. Which company (X ) are we talking about and what is Y ? 44. Microsoft and Windows 45. 20.Where do you see these ? 46. Opening sequence of Game Of Thrones 47. The Results 48. Third Prize goes to 49. Govind Nair (9446989142 ) 50. Second Prize goes to 51. Jayakrishnan Menon (9591572465 ) 52. And The First Prize goes to 53. Anu Vinod (8907900966 ) 54. Congrats Everyone ;-D