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THEVIEW HOLIC Black Box proposals. Marketing objectives. 3. Companies and Products. 1. Company Overview Company History Business Area Product Introduction. Marketing objectives. Environmental Analysis. 2. Future plans. 4. Future plans. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • THEVIEW HOLIC Black Box proposals

  • 34Marketing objectivesFuture plans Company Overview Company History Business Area Product Introduction Market analysis Customer Analysis Competitors Future plans Marketing objectives

  • Company Overview Company History Business Area Product IntroductionCompanies and Products

  • Company Overview 1-1

  • Company History1-2world view.Co., Ltd. established Rear View Camera CMOS, CCD production. TG Sambo and domestic distribution and sale of the factory distributor VGA 2CH Black Box EZ-100 development and launch05M05M07M12M01M05M09M11MHD + VGA black box under development BLACK HOLE Black Box released THE VIEW created its own brand and CE, FCC certification.02M03M07M08MTHE VIEW HOLIC mass production, hyubayiron delivery. SECOM auto Korea (Philippines) Product Factory Institute recognized and established. United States, Canada, Russia, and export plans

  • CMOS Car Rear View CameraLocal distributor for saleHD Black Box 2CH THE VIEW productionCCDCar Rear View CameraCar black box business promotionVGA Black Box 2CH EZ-100 productionWORLD VIEW CO., LTD.1-3 Business Area

  • 34Marketing objectivesFuture plans Company Overview Company History Business Area Product Introduction Market analysis Customer Analysis Competitors Future plans Marketing objectives

  • 1-4 Specifications

  • 1-4 Features MICRO SD memory expansion and recruitment for easy moving !World View CO., LTD of the THEVIEW HOLIC By employing an external MICRO SD memory when checking images, Black-box without having to remove it from the car, but by separating the memory Video can be found easily. In addition to the large amount of memory because it can be easily replaced If necessary, it is convenient to expand the memory capacity.

    Features Achieved best-in-class HD Black Box 2CH FRONT HD / REAR CAMERA VGA 3 Touch Screen (ease of setup / live video provided) Prompt (black box management and inspection help) External GPS support (the vehicle speed display / Google map link)

  • 1-4 Features VGA (640 X 480)FrontMODEL : W2HD (1280 X 720)Front1280 X 720 HD resolution support!

    MAGA PIXEL LENS(6/6)HD image sensor noise Stability of processors

    THE VIEW HOLIC world-view of the resolution of 1280 X 720 By supporting high-quality REAL HD picture.

    Particularly strong in the HD image sensor noise is applied By using MEGA PIXEL Lens Provides a clear image. By using processors with excellent stability Customer satisfaction has increased.

  • 1-4 FeaturesFRONT/REAR Angle 130

  • 1-4 FeaturesFront, Rear recorded without omission

  • 1-4 FeaturesThrough a dedicated PC VIEWER Forward / backward video you can see.

  • 1-4 FeaturesSupport external GPS function Google Maps

  • Market analysis Customer Analysis Competitors Industry Analysis 2. Environmental Analysis

  • 2-1 Environmental Analysis - market analysis

  • 2-2 Environmental Analysis - Customer Analysis

  • 2-3 Environmental Analysis - Competitor Analysis

  • Marketing Goals 3. Marketing Goals

  • 3-1. Marketing Goals World View CO,. Ltd. Image forming Of black box currently on the market as a strategy for companies that sell online and offline companies that are selling strategy Two types of companies can be divided into World View is now insist on offline sales. Online advertising effectiveness from the sale to reduce the distribution margin get closer to the consumer a good price, but why not sell online yet consumers are familiar with the behavior of the black box of the consumer equipped with not much of a problem with reality after purchase online, and then disposed of the selling price to the image of low product loss due to concerns such as Exported to all over the world, and the world view of the domestic market and offline sales, "a thorough follow-up Companies", "Durable Good Product" is dedicated to raise awareness.

  • Future plans 4. Future plans

  • 4-1. Future plans Domestic sales and distribution network steadily rising expectations by building awareness THE VIEW.

    2. Due to export "export enterprise" corporate image formation .

    3. THE VIEW HOLIC raise awareness to maximize sales of future development and launch of new products.

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