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Prototype and Test Assignment

Prototype and Test AssignmentDesign Thinking Action Lab, Stanford UniversityProblem StatementA enthusiastic, intelligent, creative, analytically strong MBA graduate who has recently joined the Logistics Industry needs a way to balance his life because that will lead to greater satisfaction and joy.Let us refer to the Stakeholder as X. Idea 1:X could list down his priorities after a lot of thought and consideration.These priorities are what he needs to take care of in order to lead a balanced and fulfilled life in the long term. In recognizing the same and given them due respect with his time and energy, X will be able to take his concrete steps towards fulfilling his long term goals.

Prototype 1:Set some indefinite time aside and firstly figure out what X wants according to his life situation now. Take some days to finalize the listPrioritize the listMaybe, X can make a picture board to regularly visualize all the things that he wants. Spend time to figure out how X will go about fulfilling the priorities on his list. Revisit list regularly and make changes as necessary.FeedbackIt is very fundamental and the basic essence for the solution of the problem statement.However it is time-consuming and will require a lot of thought and detailed analysis.

Idea 2: Since X can be overconfident about time utilization and plan poorly, he should try to make small plans first and keep monitoring his plan regularly, and increase the scope of his plan once he is successfully managing the current one.This should be done on a daily basis, so that good planning becomes a part of his habit.

Prototype 2: X can start of with planning his days in advance, one day at a time. His plans could include the various things that he needs to do, and the time that each thing would take. He should ensure that he sticks to his schedule except in case of any emergency. He can maintain a journal about his days, and the extent of success of his plans that would give him further motivation. Feedback: Again, this strikes at the core of Xs problem.But actual results might take time as it is a HABIT that needs to be modified. Lack of motivation might lead to discontinuation of the planning process. However, if X is able to pull this off it will make a huge difference to his life as a whole.

Reflection:My learnings from the prototypes:Putting a theory into practice is a lot more hardwork than it actually seems.What might seem like a very good and plausible idea to one person may not work out for the other person.Perhaps involving the stakeholder in the creation of the prototype can lead to a better model than can work best for the stakeholder.Prototype formation is a long process and adding details to it takes time. ReflectionWhat would I do next if I were to continue working on the project: I would create more detailed versions of the prototypes.I would try it out with the concerned individual and also with others who might share similar problems and incorporate changes post the trials. I would revise the list of Ideas that I hold and look if there is something better than the currently chosen ideas to suit the needs.